Stream VR Games from Oculus Rift and HTC Vive to Twitch

How to Stream VR Games from Oculus Rift, HTC Vive to Twitch?

VR games that have been popular enough in today’s world of scientific advancement. VR games while played with VR headsets may enrich your gaming experience. These games can be streamed from Rift and Vive to Twitch.

Playing games have been largely proved to exert an influence on the minds of the players. In this article, all the instructions for streaming VR games from Rift to Twitch and Vive to Twitch are given for the convenience of new users.

Guide to Stream VR Games from Oculus Rift to Twitch:

Guide to Stream VR Games from Oculus Rift to Twitch

Some third-party software is required for streaming VR games from Rift to Twitch. OBS Studio has appeared to be the most useful for this purpose.

  • Firstly, the user needs to download and install the OBS Studio.
  • A Twitch account of that user is necessarily required.
  • The setting of the user’s device needs to be competent with OBS Studio. Therefore, a new user requires doing essential changes in a device’s setting.

After covering all these basics, you just go to start Streaming your desired VR games from Oculus Rift gameplay to Twitch, with either the Oculus app or Steam VR.

  1. A user can launch any Oculus Experience or Steam VR Experience that he intends to stream.
  2. Then, he requires to launch OBS Studio.
  3. The next step requires clicking the + button from the Sources
  4. Further, Game Capture needs to be clicked.
  5. Then press OK and following the coming steps.
  6. A user needs to go to the Mode section and click a dropdown menu which will appear.
  7. Just click Capture Specific Window.
  8. A dropdown menu from the Windows section needs to be clicked at the next step.
  9. The user then requires clicking the corresponding Window that goes best with the Rift experience that he likes to stream.
  10. Then that user needs to click Ok. He is now able to see a frame in OBS containing Rift Experience.
  11. Just choose Settings.
  12. A user then needs to select the option Stream.
  13. Then just go for clicking the dropdown menu from the Service
  14. Next that user needs to click on Twitch.
  15. The further step requires clicking the Stream Key
  16. That user next requires to type his Unique Stream Key. He needs to be very careful with this key and must not share with anyone for this uniquely belongs to him.
  17. Choose Apply.
  18. Just go and click on Ok.
  19. Then that user needs to select Start Streaming He is now able to enjoy his game play live on his Twitch account.

After following all these steps, a user also requires to remember some important facts like:

  1. He needs to check that Twitch page for ensuring that the content is going out.
  2. All his desired content may not be available with better quality. In such a case, OBS Studio settings need to be checked once. The problem may be resolved with some changes in that setting.
  3. A strong internet connection with good speed is required during this entire process.

Steps to Stream VR Games From HTC Vive to Twitch:

Steps to Stream VR Games From HTC Vive to Twitch

Live Streaming has been greatly associated with the gaming communities at the present time. People from all over the world can contact each other as part of these gaming communities. Gaming at a virtual platform has made this even easier. Like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive is another platform that gives you an excellent gaming experience. Streaming VR games to Twitch from Vive, a user requires almost the same procedure as needed in case streaming those games from Rift to twitch. Still, the difference in the procedure is mentioned below:

  1. First, you need to prepare your Studio.
  2. When your studio is ready, the game needs to be set up.
  3. The next step requires the installation and configuration of OBS which stands for Open Broadcasting Software.
  4. Then the real world needs to be synced to the game camera.
  5. Program director-controls.

The user needs to keep in mind the following facts:

  • A green screen and at least 8*12 foot space are required to interact with VR games.
  • 1080p/60fps camera (webcam is not preferred though), a microphone and some lights are needed to make the viewers understand that the user interacts with those VR games.

You can sync the camera of your device with the following steps:

  1. Sync the in-game camera with real world camera. This needs to be done manually.
  2. A user needs to put on HMD and grab an in-game camera bug.
  3. Next, the WASD keys need to be used from the keyboard to make the camera fly around and make little adjustments. The arrow keys can be used to change the camera angle. Press Shift arrow to roll the camera.
  4. The user can take help from another person. It will become easier with another person’s help.

Syncing the device’s camera is very important to enjoy VR games on a particular device. You can follow the above steps and easily sync your camera to get entertained with the updated VR games.


A user can get a complete VR gaming experience only by installing proper software into his system. The requirement of the system as mentioned above will enable him to experience virtual reality through gaming. Rifts, Vive, Windows headset are available for you in the market to enjoy playing VR games. Otherwise, you can have Twitch as an option for playing those games. The process of streaming these VR games on Twitch has been described clearly. The camera quality of your device needs to be competent for playing VR games.

You can use any device as per your convenience for your entertainment with those games but you need to remember that your device’s camera quality is an important matter for downloading VR games on your device. HD software is necessary for a better quality of streaming. Streaming VR games on Twitch will surely make you happy. Just have a nice experience with VR gaming on Twitch and have all the features of updated games.