PlayStation PS4 VR Headset

PlayStation PS4 VR Headset – Design, VR Games & Price

Are you a game freak? Have you experienced PlayStation Virtual Reality? If you do not then you should try this once because it brings a new era of the gaming world. Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment in October 2016 provided the codename Project Morpheus. It is the latest added member of PlayStation 4 and considered as Virtual Reality headset. Throughout this writing, we are going to highlight the design, setup, and gameplay of this gadget. Moreover, you will also get different reviews on its move, verdict, and PS4 Pro analysis. However, we are also going to delineate some important FAQs for your convenience.

PS4 VR Headset : Design

PS4 VR Headset

Sony has launched its VR headset a little late but it comes with a bang! You can see a classy design of this series, which is inspiring by the sci-fi (Space fiction) style. If you go for its details designing you will find the seven front-facing blue tracking lights, curved visor, and black and white plastic. It will definitely give you futuristic looks and its quality head-strap with goggles approach makes the design cool. More than anything, you will feel comfortable and light whether there are most of the headsets are heavy in weight. Although, the weight is a little heavier than HTC and Oculus Rift as it is 610gm.

You can find many more smart looking Sony headsets, but it is more user friendly than others in terms of putting on and taking off it. Not only that! You can have the freedom of moving backward and forwards with pressing a button. Moreover, you also can find the option of plug in headphones and headset volume controllers. One thing that will really make you amazed is its ‘Processor Unit is really smaller 143 x 36 x 143 mm. The resolution that you will gain is 960 x 1,080 pixel and subpixel represent a sharpen PS VR’s image.

Setup Procedure:

If you are always been disturbed by the cables and wires then you will get more disappointed because Sony’s PS VR has many cables. However, for this purpose, HTC Vibe’s room-scale may be the best solution whether the cables do not seem messy to roll out. We have tried to convey a detailed review of Sony PS VR without hiding anything. If you have the PlayStation Move, then the controllers require to being plug into with your PlayStation to make it charged. You cannot charge the device with a USB mains adapter; therefore, you will have to need three USB ports. However, you can access the setup easily with its straightforward process.

PlayStation VR Games:

PlayStation VR Games

Sony’s gaming world gets going 22 years and it has served you the number of strong games with a healthy line-up of release titles. However, you may have in your mind about ‘Elite Dangerous’, but except that they also provide several PlayStation VR games that are currently available. Do you have played RIGS? This game is considering as the first glut of launch and we can add to this list of EVE: Valkyrie, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and many more PlayStation games, which made our hands busy. This is not the end! You can also have plenty of upcoming games like Star Wars: Battlefront. This game is free to download in PlayStation and update contents are free. One thing may make you disappointing that the games which you can have in PlayStation VR have come with a ridiculous pricing structure. The best titles of PlayStation VR has comes with a similar price point as the launch of the big blockbuster. You may not understand the reason behind this move, but let us tell you it promoting enmity towards Sony’s modern hardware device. However, if you are really intending to buy the entire things of this hardware then you need to have ready for a huge amount of money.

PlayStation VR Move:

Are you get bored by using dusty motion-tracking sticks? Then PlayStation VR will be the best for you to change things up and flap your hands once again. However, Sony has given a new life to their old forgotten motion controllers with the arrival of PlayStation VR. You can have a wide range of new games with it like Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and many other titles in the world of PlayStation VR. However, you still need the PlayStation’s USB ports to charge controllers. This is not the end! You will still encounter the odd issue of tracking now and again.

PS4 Pro:

PS4 Pro

PlayStation VR can provide you extra benefits as if it added 4K resolution. However, Sony’s latest console is not able to original upgrading the physical display of PlayStation VR and its hardware abilities. Are you get disappointed by this news? Then do not get panic anymore because you will have a better quality user-experience with the extra power of PS4 Pro. You can get the maximum refresh rate of 120Hz in top-notch PlayStation games like Driveclub, Rigs and even in the Thumper all run, Rez Infinite and many more. You can also get a wonderful experience while you are watching the gameplay of friends through its TV output.


You can have this headset with £349 and this price seems expensive along with you need to have another important equipment like a PlayStation controller worth £110.

Moreover, you also can buy a PlayStation camera for better quality gaming at £ 50. Therefore, you have to pay £510. However, you can have bought these products with Amazon discount on £425 for the UK and £499 on Amazon US.


Despite all the flaws of cables, low-resolution screens and expensive amounts of games, you can still definitely buy this cool gadget if you are a true PS4 fan and much gamer.

Moreover, this not only the medium of ultra-modern gaming experience but also gives you the adventure of watching the game play with your friends and family get lost in a Virtual World.

However, we will recommend you to try this gadget before buying and we are sure you will get enticed with this gaming product. This is one of the most popular and exciting gaming items available in the market.

FAQ’S (Frequently Asked Questions):

Is this product is available in the online?

Yes, you can get this product over many internet shopping sites like Amazon, Flip kart and many more.

Are there any other products of different brands, which offer the same features?

There is hardly any brand, which serves the same quality features like Sony’s PlayStation VR. However, you can find standard quality features in HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.