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Oculus Rift S Review 2023 – Is This Best VR Headset?

Are you looking forward to buying the best virtual reality headset? Then you must not worry about this matter. “Oculus rift s” is a well known and most efficient device in this field of virtual reality.

As the advancement of technology took place in the modern world, Oculus rift s-series has gained most of the rewards for getting the best review on online websites.

Amazon has got a wide range of customers, who have bought this product from Amazon and they have rated this product as five stars rated device.

No, you do not need to have any dilemma in purchasing this product. The specification and Amazon based reviews carry enough supportable evidence to make you feel confident about this product.

Oculus Rift S Review – Brief Information

Oculus Rift S Review - Brief Information

You must be wondering about, what is so good in this product that has allowed “oculus rift s” to be the best in the VR field?

  1. You must know that oculus is a phenomenal device that allows its users to get the best experience after wearing this headset and stepping into the field of Virtual reality.
  2. “Oculus rift s” also allows a good and easy way to configure it with your Personal computer.
  3. Do you know that “Oculus rift s” has got a sensitive and improved optics criterion that makes this device a unique headset for virtual reality?
  4. This high definition and most updated virtual reality headset have also got a good user accustomed “Screen-Door” phenomenal, which will allow you to adjust brightness, color vividness.
  5. As this product has been the most efficient “tech-beast” in the world of virtual reality, Oculus has also enhanced the touch sensor capability of this device. It will be worthy for you to know that “Oculus rift s” produced precision reality criteria.

Oculus Rift S: Best Fundamental Aspects

In the race for producing the best and high defined virtual reality headset, it is a surprise for you to know that Oculus is a way ahead from any other VR headset product. You can compare Oculus with Sony, Panasonic, and Homido and you will see that Oculus produces something unexpected from them.

Whenever we deal with the best virtual reality headset, the first thing that comes into our mind is Oculus rift s and without thinking any further we got ahead to buy this product. Yes, if you are a member of this oculus fan club then, we must let you know some fundamental aspects which make this product an exceptional one.

  1. “Oculus rift s” succeeding the gaming world: If you are fond of computer gaming and you want to use oculus rift s as your virtual headset, then you are on the right track. As a computer game, you always need a device that can enhance your gaming experience and make it more interesting for you. An Oculus rift allow you to get the real experience when you are in the battle zone which playing counter strike or any other strategic game.
  2. Most updated touch controllers: As we a gamer you always want the most updated joystick in your hand. That will allow you to have well-defined touch sensitivity along with great ease of comfort. Oculus rift s defines all that you want for yourself to be a great gamer. It has got two touch controllers and gesture sensitivity.
  3. Intuitive sensitivity: Oculus rift s series has got grab sensor activation in its controller, which allows gamers to get a realistic feel while playing games. As we are dealing with many gamers in this field of virtual reality, they have said that oculus rift is the best product according to them.
  4. “Oculus rift s” for Constellation tracking: Oculus rift s has got an abundance of features. This constellation tracking option wants your attention at the highest level because this criterion makes it the most efficient one. Have you ever thought about the time, when you can feel the commotion of your presence? Yes, you wanted gaming options to reach this level and here it is ready to serve you now. This constellation tracking will allow going into the depth of virtual reality and it will allow you to give your best while playing any game.

Now lets us see the specification, which is an essential requirement for you to know before purchasing this product.

Specification of Oculus Rift S:

Specification of Oculus Rift S:

Are you excited enough to know the specification of Oculus rift s? Here it is:

  1. You will get to see the most updated 3.0 USB ports.
  2. As a user, it is up to you to make all necessary adjustments as “Oculus rift s” can be customized.
  3. The oculus rift s-series has got a more enhanced dual pen titled display option as compared to the “oculus rift” series.
  4. Most up to date arm touching controller.
  5. Insight tracking option in Oculus rift s series that enables its user to take a step forward towards a more advanced virtual reality mechanism. This Rift s series has got plenty of options by transforming your physical movements into the VR world, without even making you bothered about your real position.

So what else do you want? Your dreams are true now. Science fiction is no more imagination rather now it includes your physical movement in the world of virtual reality.

Customer feedback on Oculus rift s Virtual Reality Headset:

A product is judged by the reviews that it receives after selling it online. Oculus rift has been the largest selling virtual reality headset on Amazon. Amazon rating is taken as the actual interpretations based on the factor that forms or establish the trustworthiness of the purchasers.

 Oculus rift s Virtual Reality Headset

Amazon has strictly restricted fake reviews and now the feedbacks are more essential and important for you, as they are true in nature according to the reviews that we have received from purchasers. Let’s see some important reviews on Oculus rift s.

  1. Purchasers have stated this product as an excellent virtual reality headset, which has allowed the future of virtual reality to reach its maximum height of advancement.
  2. Few of the purchasers have also mentioned this oculus rift s as a stimulator transforming experience.
  3. “It is good for us to notice that, as there are abundances of other technology firms like Sony, Panasonic, Himodo and many other corporations, who are in the race of winning the best reward of best virtual reality headset, Oculus has taken a long way forward and has got a separate fan base of itself” mentioned one person in his customer feedback review on Amazon.
  4. No one the customers have got any kind of issue related to installing or customizing this device.
  5. Customers have also stated that Rift S is a competitor to the entire latest virtual reality headset.
  6. Rift S has got an amazing software installation process that happens within a few seconds, without making the purchaser wait any further.
  7. It is also essential for you to know that 60% of ratings are five stars rated, 20% of purchasers have given four stars rating and the remaining 20% have rated it with three stars.

So what are those backlogs of oculus rift s that allowed it to get a three-star rating out of five stars? What are the difficulties faced by the remaining 20% of people? Lets us see:

  1. People have got an issue related to the price of this product. They find the price to be too high for purchasing.
  2. These twenty percent of people said that they can purchase a PS4 within this range.
  3. Customers have requested Mr. Mark, CEO of Oculus, to bring the price down.

So here we can see that we have seven advantageous reviews versus three negative reviews. Even the negative reviews are not related to the specification, it is mostly related to the marketing sector of this product.


We would like to recommend this product with a four-star rating. Oculus needs to focus on the price so that it can be brought by everyone. Apart from this, we have clearly no doubt regarding telling you to purchase this headset. This has got all updated and amazing features as we have mentioned price also. So what are you waiting for? Order it online from Amazon and enjoy it.