Best Oculus Go Games & Apps in 2023

Oculus Go, a standalone virtual reality headset has introduced some popular apps and games. Oculus Go enables its users to experience the virtual world with various interesting games which are different from each other. It runs on Android and PCs and gives its users a great experience of playing games. With the advancement of technology, Oculus Go has upgraded all its games and apps and has brought new games for people of a new generation who are very much fond of playing those for entertainment.

Although it runs on PCs, you can have a better experience of enjoying these games on Oculus Quest which is a VR headset and controller. Oculus Go has added a large number of games that can be played only on Oculus Quest.

How to Play Oculus Go Games on Oculus Quest?

A separate place inside Oculus Quest is always kept for Oculus Go games and apps. The following steps can be followed:

  1. At first, one needs to go to the Oculus Quest home screen on his headset.
  2. Then the library requires to be selected.
  3. A dropdown menu saying Oculus quest will appear on the top left. You need to choose that label to expand the dropdown menu.
  4. Choose Go/Gear.

Inside this library, a large number of Oculus Go games and apps are available. You can get all updates related to these games and apps in this library section.

How to Install Oculus Go on Oculus Quest?

After following the above steps, one can see three items on the menu: ‘Apps’, ‘Not Installed’ and ‘Updates’. From there, you can have games and apps that are suitable for your device. A first-time user needs to check the steps below for adding Oculus Go games and apps:

  1. Just choose ‘Not Installed’ from the left-side menu.
  2. Then go for installing some particular items that you intend to have on your device.

Any app or game, that is already installed, will appear in ‘Apps’ section.

Oculus Go Apps & Games:

With Oculus Go one gets the chance to experience several entertaining moments. Here are some of the best Oculus Go games are provided that a new user must try:

1. Thumper

Among the overall best games that are provided by Oculus Go, it is the most popular. One can buy it from Oculus.com. The interesting facts about this game are:

  • This game combines high-velocity action with musical elements.
  • Thumper, a frantically rhythmic game, intends to guide a beetle-like creature running along a dangerous track surrounded by enemies.
  • The most attractive fact about this particular game is that it sometimes overwhelms with its congested boss-battles.
  • It gives you an idea of a horrific world.

2. Drop Dead

People, who love to experience something supernatural with their gaming experience, must try this one to have something new and interesting. Zombie games have acquired popularity over the years. Playing such games on a VR platform will certainly make the horror-lovers experience something more entertaining.

  • This game is available on Oculus.com. It is a free online game.
  • In this game hordes of zombies will bar the way of a player amid deeply sinister locations.
  • Drop Dead offers its users a handful of unique weapons for fighting with elements of the horror world. That’s why it is the best shooter game available on Oculus Go.
  • A user can fight alone or make up teams for playing.
  • Although the difficulty curve appears to be a bit steep, there are fast and smooth controls that respond quickly.

3. Dead Secret: Circle

Dead Secret Circle, which is one of the best horror games on Oculus Go, technically can be considered as a sequel to Dead Secret. One needs not to play the first one in order to enjoy those terrible vibes of Dead Secret: Circle.

  • In this game, a serial killer kills people in Chicago and the user needs to find out what is exactly going on.
  • A user requires visiting different secret places to explore clues to solve the mystery.
  • In spite of its grubby scenario, it proves to provide an eerie sensation while playing.
  • Adventure-lovers will certainly like to go for this game to enrich their power of investigation.

4. Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR

If you are interested in sports, Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR will attract you to play it once.

  • Although table tennis may not sound so charming to many of you, this particular game is popular with users for making fun.
  • Solo players can have 16 opponents in the single-player campaign.
  • A multiplayer option is also available for playing this game.
  • It gives users a sense of playing in a tournament.
  • You can have the game from Oculus.com.

5. Anshar Online

Anshar Online will provide you with an excellent experience of flying around space through the VR platform.

  • The players are to accept missions and complete contracts.
  • This game will boost the level of intelligence of the users.
  • Ship and tailoring weapons are available for playing this game.
  • Anshar Online gives its users different intensity levels.

6. Republique VR

Although it sometimes appears to be imperfect for some gaming platforms, it suits best on VR platform.

  • In this game, a woman tries to escape from the totalitarian regime.
  • This game is basically a combination of several exciting puzzles and sequences.
  • Hacking is an interesting part of this game.

7. Coaster Combat

One of the best Oculus Go family games is Coaster Combat. It’s full of fun and enjoyment. The following things related to this game will make you like it a lot:

  • It may sound something violent. Still, Coaster Combat is a game ideal for playing with kids and family.
  • Magic wands are available as weapons.
  • You will find doorways, targets, or levers as your enemies rather than people from the real world.
  • Particularly kids will be entertained with this game for there are many things that suit their psychology.
  • Coaster Combat will certainly provide players with a never-ending thrill.

8. They Suspect Nothing

They Suspect Nothing has been popular as a party game that you can play on your Oculus Quest.

  • It is entertaining for all age groups.
  • There are 20 intuitive mini-games.


The experience of being in virtual reality will enable the users to get rid of all critical issues in their personal and professional life. Thus this gaming experience derived from Oculus Go exerts influence on the players’ psychology. Oculus Go is the first step that a game-lover needs to take for better entertainment. Among all the contemporary virtual reality platforms Oculus Go has taken the best position for continually launching and upgrading all its games and apps. Most significantly, with these games and apps, you will get a chance to explore the world of science on a virtual platform.