Best VR Apps for iPhone – Top 10 iOS Virtual Reality Apps

Technology has truly brought us closer – not just to the world where we live in, but also to the virtual one. A virtual world is the unreal, computer-generated representation of the actual world, but in a way that feels so very real. A perfect example would be the three-dimensional simulation car racing games that are driving the Internet world crazy. Even at shopping malls, we may come across stalls offering multi-dimensional simulation experiences to customers for a fee. Herein, you’re required to sit with a helmet-like device on your head, which is fitted with 3D, 4D, even 6D glasses, and enjoy the real-time thrill of what’s happening in the virtual world.

Now, such devices that allow for virtual reality experiences don’t come cheap. They can be pretty unaffordable. However, for those who wish to enjoy the same thrill and feel at a relatively low-priced option, there are a couple of Virtual Reality (VR) apps available on smartphones and smart devices. Note that you might still need a VR headset to enjoy this experience on your phone, but you can always choose a cheaper option, preferably online. Here, we’re going to list the best VR apps for iPhone which you can easily download. All you’d need is an iPhone with iOS 10 running, download the VR app, and get set for a multi-dimensional thrilling experience on an affordable VR headset.

10 Best VR Apps for iPhone:

Here are some of the top 10 downloadable VR apps designed for iPhone users:

1. YouTube

One of the most frequented apps for VR experience, commonly preferred by iPhone users since it doesn’t require additional downloading; it’d already come with almost every iPhone upon purchase. What’s more, the VR app for YouTube comes free of cost too so you can start taking in your VR experience immediately. Loads of 360 degree videos to watch on your VR headset.

2. Incell VR

Another complementary VR app for iPhone users. What’s unique about the app is that it’s about a race game within the human body, meaning that you’d actually be playing inside the body, trying to protect humans at the cellular level. The striking colors and object size in the app seen through your VR headset really makes the download worth it.

3. Google Street View

This one is for those who love to travel. Just download this app and you can start enjoying a real-time traveling experience around the world. Visit the Eiffel Tower or the Great Wall of China and you can even create your very own 360 degree photosphere on the app, which you can add to your virtual photo gallery.

4. Discovery VR

Owing to the popularity of the TV network, bringing us close to the unknown world, there’s now a VR app for all iPhone users. Get the same real-time real-life experience of wildlife and other forms of life in the outside world. Watch exciting short movies and documentaries, all for free.

5. Jaunt VR

One of the best apps if you want to watch 360 degree videos on various domains. There’s no limit to watching anything you like – short films, documentaries, movies, travel, sports, and music channels.

6. Zombie Shooter VR

This should only be chosen by those with a strong heart. A pretty thrilling game which was earlier on payment basis but has now joined the free apps category on popular demand. The game puts you in a subway where you need to fight the zombies to move ahead. Just look at the zombie you want to target and your gun will trigger automatically.

7. End Space VR

One of those amazing Sci-Fi games that you just won’t have enough of, now available on your iPhone VR apps. Come on board the Spacecraft on an awe-inspiring space exploration journey. As you sail along, keep fighting the enemy fighter space crafts en route. The brilliant audio and graphics make the app real-time virtual experience all the more fun.

8. Within

As the name suggests, you can truly immerse yourself within the virtual world, enjoying a real-life experience of a variety of content. From music and 360-degree videos to news reports and documentaries from the world over – there’s so much for you to explore within.

9. Roller Coaster VR

This app is sure to take you on a roller coaster journey. Not literally though but the experience is truly amazing. Get a chance to visit some of the most beautiful locales on an island and enjoy the splendid magnificence of nature.

10. Haunted Rooms: Escape

This one’s for all you horror-genre lovers out there. Now you don’t need an excuse to wait for a horror movie on TV, you can get a real-time experience of all the thrill and adrenalin rush right at the palm of your hand on an iPhone. You’re in a haunted house with innumerable rooms and you’re looking to escape. But it isn’t that easy; you need to solve mysteries en route and interact with objects. Worth a download for sure.

Why are VR Apps So Popular?

VR apps for smart devices may still be in their nascent stage but this technological boon sure has managed to seep into our households via our phones. Our phones are no longer restricted to the calling business. They have spread their wings to provide multi-dimensional entertainment anytime, anywhere. People are longing to get a real-time experience of the world they don’t really belong to but have so far been experiencing only on their TV sets.

But thanks to the introduction of VR headsets, and now relatively cheaper options available on Amazon and the like, more and more people want to get a hang of the virtual experience in reality. Just one app on the phone and a headset on your eyes, and you’re all set to enjoy the exciting journey of the world on the other side of the screen. Here are a few common reasons why VR apps have become extremely popular in a short span:

  • Easy availability; Google, Facebook, Samsung, Apple, each of them is coming out with VR platforms on their devices.
  • Low-cost affordability of VR headsets
  • Free download options for VR apps
  • High-quality graphics, larger-than-life images, and amazing sound quality

So come experience the joy of Virtual Reality on your iPhone today and get transported to another exciting world out there.

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