Best VR Headset for iPhone

Best VR Headset For iPhone 12, 12 Pro Max [ Buyers Guide]

Technology is becoming increasingly interactive, and virtual reality has leveled up the game. Once, it was a high-end luxury affordable to few, and now it’s available at the convenience of your smartphones. If you’re looking to buy the best VR headset for iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, then you have come to the right place.

This list has handpicked options to support your iPhone and amplify the VR experience. Most of these are durable and complement the premium appeal of your iPhone. After intense consideration of the most vital factors like compatibility, size support, weight, and ease of use, this list incorporates top-notch selections.

Best VR Headset for iPhone

There’s no need for you to get confused anymore. If you don’t want to get into the hassle of shuffling through countless VR headsets options, this is your one-stop for the best VR headsets. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top picks! 

BNext VR Headsets

BNext VR Headsets

  • Access exclusive VR content from each purchase.
  • Compatible with most of the VR apps, including Google’s Cardboard app.
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  • Comfortable padding for face.
  • 9 degrees elevated view.
  • Supports 360-degree photos and videos.
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VeeR VR Cardboard 3D

VeeR VR Cardboard 3D

  • Easy to set up with plug and play.
  • Compatible with the latest iPhone models.
  • Simple and lightweight design for comfort.
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Panasonite VR Headset

Panasonite VR Headset

  • Organic controller, glasses support, and built-in headsets.
  • Highly adjustable design to fit individual requirements of the wearer.
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Merge VR Headset

Merge VR Headset

  • Great for education purpose.
  • Fits iPhone 12 models conveniently.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
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VR Empire Headsets

VR Empire Headsets

  • Complete VR headset support with a controller, full-fledged adjustment, high-definition audio.
  • Compatible with iPhones and other smartphones ranging from 4 to 6.5 inches in screen size.
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1. Vr Headset By Feebz

Feebz virtual reality device for iphone 12 pro

The FEEBZ virtual reality headset comes with an adjustable head strap. It comes with immensely comfortable leather padding around the lenses, which prevents any strain on the eyes of the user.

The main attraction of this VR headset is the remote control with inbuilt gaming buttons to enhance your gaming experience.

It is highly compatible with Android as well as iOS. The iPhones include iPhone X,XS max, 6, 6S, 7, 7plus, 8, 8plus, 11,11 pro max, iPhone 12,12 pro max,13 and 13 pro.

The phone size requirement of this VR headset is from 4 inches – to 6 inches.

You can go through the provided link and check the price and other details of the VR headset.


  • Complete VR headset support with a controller, full-fledged adjustment, high-definition audio
  • Compatible with iPhones and other smartphones ranging from 4 to 6.5 inches in screen size
  • Great for expansive VR experience from movies to gaming with a controller


  • Falls on the high-end devices for the cost 
  • It takes time to set up and use

2. Vr Headset By Destek

Vr Headset By Destek for iphone 12

The V5 VR headset by DESTEK has a 110-degree Field of view, making your movie experience even more realistic.

The anti-blue lenses (HD) avoid any stress in the eyes of the user.

The VR headset comes with an incorporated nose pad to make the headset more breathable and avoid any visual hindrance to the user.

It corresponds to Android and iPhone as well, including iPhone 13, 12, 12 pro max, and 11 with their variations.

Not only this, the V5 VR headset comes with an inbuilt trigger touch button to enhance your adventurous gaming journey.


  • iOS and Android compatibility
  • Comfortable
  • Eye protection
  • Affordable


  • No remote control

3. Vr Headset By Voxkin

Voxkin iphone 12 pro max vr headset

This easy-to-use VR headset by Voxkin has a magnetic cover along with a mobile holder compatible with the phone size of 3.5 inches to 6 inches.

360-degree field of view, which expands the horizon and enhances the quality of the content, and leaves them with a fascinating experience of the 3D world

You can watch your favorite movies with a theatre-like experience and play video games using these.

High-quality leather is used in these VR headsets, keeping in mind the wearer’s comfort. And you can also adjust the size easily with the adjustable strap.

Furthermore, this VR headset is lightweight, so it does not feel heavy on the face of the user, and you can easily carry it anywhere you want.

It will be fully compatible with your iPhone 12 and 12 pro max.


  • Compatible with iOS
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable and comfortable
  • Magnetic cover & mobile holder


  • No Remote Control

4. Newnaivete Vr Headset With Remote Controller

Vr Headset with Remote Controller

This VR headset by Newnaivete comes with remote control and is made of breathable leather to make your experience comfortable.

Also, a silicone nose pad is adjusted in the headset for the user to be able to breathe while enjoying the headset.

It offers a 90 to 110-degree field of view and reduced blue light lens to protect your eyes from any strain. The lens is made adjustable to make it extra comfortable for myopic patients.

You can use this VR headset with any of the available smartphones. Android such as Samsung, Nokia, and their series.

Also compatible with iPhone 12, 12 pro max, and other iPhone series.

The remote control of this VR headset is fully compatible with Android, however, in the case of iOS, it only supports gaming mode.


  • With Remote control
  • Fit for myopic people
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable


  • Remote control partially compatible with iOS

Top Pick

5. HAMSWAN 3D VR Headset

Starting off the list is an innovative headset from HAMSWAN. It is lightweight and highly comfortable to use with an immersive experience. These are HD VR headsets, so you receive the crisp quality of output through them. For material, you have ABS and a non-woven nylon headband with a 42 mm aspheric optical resin lens. These make up for a premium-grade output with exceptional comfort for your display.  To give you the ease of viewing angle selection, you can adjust it between 90 to 100 degrees for utmost comfort.

Overall, you receive theatrical experience through these headsets. It is conveniently compatible with a wide range of smartphones, from small to large, such as 4 to 6 inches. Therefore, these are perfect for your iPhones. These VR headsets come with an almost one-year guarantee of quality.

The headsets support up to 360-degree views for photos and videos that bring you a completely immersive experience. To further suit your needs, these headsets support VR gaming for your ease. It has soft leather and breathable padding for your face and ears.

These headphones set 9 degrees apart from your ears and eyes not to cause discomfort of touch. It has a detachable front lid that will hold your iPhone conveniently and prevent excessive heating. If you have eye conditions like myopia, these are a brilliant choice for you.


  • Comfortable padding for face
  • 9 degrees elevated view
  • Supports 360-degree photos and videos
  • Supports VR gaming
  • Great fit for iPhone 12 models


  • Doesn’t have screen touch buttons
  • Doesn’t have a QR code scanner for easy connection
Best Seller
BNext Store VR Headset Compatible with iPhone

6. BNext VR Headsets

Here you have highly affordable premium-grade headphones. The most striking feature of these headsets is convenient fitting. It has one size that fits all from kids to adults and the elderly. Similarly, it is highly compatible with a wide range of phones ranging from 4 to 6.3 inches and brings you 360 degrees of immersive experience. Its VR goggles are compatible with all the latest iPhone models, including iPhone 12, 12 pro, and pro max versions. However, the phones need to have gyro sensors for optimum performance and VR experience. More importantly, you have complete FD and OD adjustments for a wide field of view.

Hence, you can quickly expand the viewing angle to match your requirement for focal distance. In other words, it provides reduced distortions and proves to be an asset for people with myopia. For gaming and VR movie watching experience, these are a perfect choice. 

As far as the quality of feed goes, it depends strongly on your device. So if you stream HD content, you will get HD content to view. Hence, you will always have a crisp feed for an impeccable experience. Perhaps the best part is the extended wear design.

Unlike conventional HRs that can be uncomfortable, these have a fully adjustable head strap design with eyesight protection. A soft nose piece gently settles on your VR headset for a comfortable experience.


  • Access exclusive VR content from each purchase
  • Compatible with most of the VR apps, including Google’s Cardboard app
  • An excellent choice for gift and highly feasible
  • Supports output quality up to 4K UHD


  • Doesn’t have a built-in audio system and requires a separate investment
  • Doesn’t work with the case or cover of the phone
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7. VeeR VR Cardboard 3D

Did you love Google’s Cardboard VR Headsets? Are you looking for something similar for your latest iPhone? Then here you have VeeR VR Cardboard headsets that are inspired by Google Cardboard. However, it brings you a slick color theme with premium appeal. If you don’t want to invest excessively in VR headsets, then these are one of the best options. These are relatively lightweight with AAA grade waterproofing. Therefore, you might have a high-grade and sweat resistant design for prolonged use. Overall, these are highly durable. More importantly, it is easy to use them by simple plug and play. These are a brilliant choice for kids or the elderly. Even the less tech-savvy people would love its minimalist approach.

For comfort and protection, you have a sponge and padding for the nose and forehead. It is also lightweight and makes it very comfortable. You get an immersive VR experience without any problem. As a plug and play design, you can start using it immediately. VeeR also has an exclusive app that provides VR films for your entertainment requirement.

What’s more? The high compatibility suits your iPhone 12 pro max, as it supports sizes ranging from 3.5 to 6 inches easily. It has 95 degrees of FOV for broader appeal. Its premium-grade resin lens makes it very enticing in VR headsets.

Overall, if you love the straightforward Google cardboard approach but want to zest it up for your iPhone 12 models, this is a great choice.


  • Comes with premium Veer membership to access high-quality VR content
  • Easy to set up with plug and play
  • Compatible with the latest iPhone models
  • Simple and lightweight design for comfort


  • Buttons are a little tricky to use
  • Doesn’t have many adjustable options
Top Rated
Pansonite VR Headset

8. Panasonite VR Headset

If you’re looking for high-end premium-grade VR headsets, here you have a futuristic model from Panaonite. The latest model supports all smartphones, including your iPhone 12. Its most striking feature is the availability of a controller for ease of use. More than that, you have years of research and innovation to reduce volume and weight. Ergo, you get highly durable components with a seamless VR experience. The HD resin opticals provide you with crisp VR quality with high resolution. These VR headsets are also great to reduce the after-effects of using them, like vertigo and confusion.

The controller feels natural to use. It comes with a button on top of the glasses to help you adjust the focus to comfort your pupil. Hence, even if you have short sight or weak eyesight in general, these can be a brilliant choice. It has a t-shaped strap for easy settling on your head. Much like others on the list, almost anyone can use them despite their futuristic appeal. For extended use, these bring you a highly comfortable experience. As smartphones are susceptible to excessive heating, these have front cover remover to help with heat dissipation.

Adjustable IPD, 90-120 degree FOV adjustment, fixed focal, and glasses support make these a fantastic choice for a premium VR experience. These are perfect for a complete experience of VR, with gaming and everything else.


  • Organic controller, glasses support, and built-in headsets
  • Highly adjustable design to fit individual requirements of the wearer
  • Covers all VR-related activities with HD display


  • The controller works for games, but not for phone
  • You need to select different apps through the phone manually
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Merge VR Heaset

9. Merge VR Headset

This is straightforward and easy to use a VR headset. It has won awards for being a high child and teen-friendly VR headset. Thus, making it great for young users, but it is equally beneficial for adults. More importantly, it doesn’t just support VR but also augmented reality. Hence, it brings you a single choice for both of these experiences. If you are a studious person who loves to attain knowledge, these enhance your focus and help you learn a lot. Merge has a Miniverse app that gives you access to several games and a VR feed that is educational and entertaining. It is compatible with Merge Cube.

Merge Cube is a portable device that can help you achieve augmented reality. However, the headsets don’t come with a Merge Cube. You have to invest in it separately. As far as portability goes, you can carry it anywhere as these are lightweight and easy to carry.

The foam-like material provides cushioning for you and the device both. It doesn’t have a casing like an opening. Instead, it has a phone installer from the top to easily pull out the phone and switch apps. You can adjust these to fit you, as well.


  • Great for education purpose
  • Fits iPhone 12 models conveniently
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Highly affordable with a unique color scheme


  • Doesn’t have much adjustment for viewing requirement
  • Might not work well if you don’t have VR adjustment apps
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10. VR Empire Headsets

These VR headsets are perhaps the best-in-class for comfort and protection regarding VR performance. It comes with a blue light filter (anti-blue light screen) that enables it to have a great viewing experience. To match the premium appeal of your iPhone, it has a premium-grade material for VR headsets. It has a two-way tray to hold the phone firmly. The headset comes with built-in audio output for high definition sound output. It has a simple dial-type volume adjustment. There are built-in buttons for easy control of the phone to bring you the utmost comfort and convenience.

It weighs around 14 oz and has a Japanese optical anti-blue lens with 42mm diameter and 120 degrees view angle, aspheric design, and high transmission with a mere color difference of 0.39 mm. Whether you have myopia or hyperopia, it fits you the best with adjustable pupil distance. It has high-fidelity ear muffs and 98 decibels of headsets with 50 megawatts of output for audiophiles.

It supports 4 to 6.5 inches of iPhone devices and provides a resolution of up to 2K HD display. For audio, you have 3.5 mm audio and built-in input keys. More importantly, it comes with a controller for full-fledged support for the gaming experience. It has all the VR supports and compatibility with iOS.


  • Complete VR headset support with a controller, full-fledged adjustment, high-definition audio
  • Compatible with iPhones and other smartphones ranging from 4 to 6.5 inches in screen size
  • Great for expansive VR experience from movies to gaming with a controller


  • Falls on the high-end devices for the cost 
  • It takes time to set up and use

Buyer’s Guide For Best VR Headset for iPhone 12 Models:

It can be daunting to buy the best VR headsets for iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max if you don’t know what to look for. Are you new to VR experience or need compatible VR headsets with iPhone 12?

 This is a quick guide to help you make a buying decision. There’s no need for you to get stuck with countless choices. Here is the list of all the essential factors to look for.

1. Compatibility

Almost every VR headset is compatible with android and iPhone devices. However, it is still a good idea to check for compatibility. Some VRs work exclusively with a VR app that requires separate installation for your system. Others can work with the VR feature of each app individually.

2. Size Support

The most vital consideration is the size support when purchasing VR headsets. If you have a loose fit for your iPhone, it could slide or drop from the headset. Your VR experience will be impaired, as well. You can’t settle for a smaller VR headset, either. It won’t work with your latest iPhone model.

3. Weight And Size

Apart from the size support, the initial weight and size of your headset matter as well. VR headsets with adjustable size options are way better and more convenient. These should fit your head optimally without any problem. 

VR Headset size also relates to the overall bulk body. If it’s too broad, it could be a hindrance for you and other people to use. Weight distribution and balance are equally vital to ensure comfort. You will have to move your head with VR, most likely. Therefore, you need VR headsets that are lightweight. 

Lightweight VR headsets will prevent any stress from building on your neck or head. Furthermore, it drastically reduces the chances of injury and other problems related to the weight of the VR headsets. However, don’t consider the weight if it means you will have to compromise features, durability, or protection. 

4. Portability

If you want to enjoy VR headsets almost everywhere, then they should be easy to carry. Portable VR headsets could make it easy for you to enjoy virtual reality practically anywhere, especially if you’re traveling. For this, they should be easy to fold or store. A portable VR headset should be lightweight. 

5. Padding And Comfort

Of course, VR is an immersive experience, but you need comfort to ensure a seamless experience. For that, proper padding could be a great thing to look for. It will protect your head from the rigid material of the headset. Adequate air circulation and ventilation could also increase comfort. Breathable padding would prevent excessive sweat. 

6. Field Of View

The field of view is paramount for a VR headset. You need around an angular view of more than 100 degrees and less than 180 degrees. This range is best to have an expansive and immersive experience of virtual reality. It enables you to have proper modifications according to the app for optimum VR experience. The range between 100 to 180 degrees is best for any iPhone mobile, especially the iPhone 12.

7. Protection For Eyes

It can be strenuous to use VR without any break consistently. This could lead to a strain on the eyes. It will inevitably cause swelling or sore eyes. You may weaken your vision over time or develop other health conditions. Even if you can’t have proper rest, apt protection is vital for a VR headset.

This includes an anti-reflective or anti-glare screen or a better-filtered display to shield you from the light and other harmful elements of the VR. A blue light lens or filter would be an excellent addition to the protection of your eyes. 

8. Setup Requirements

Whether the VR headset is comfortable to plug and play or not makes a strong impact. Some VR headsets require you to use AUX separately for sound output. Others ask you to sync through Bluetooth with several other connectivity options.

Of course, the setup required will depend on the cost of the VR. The higher the price, the more leisures you will have. However, it would be best if you still double-checked to see whether your device has proper setups or not. QR code is a convenient way to connect with VR headsets nowadays and an indispensable requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do You Need VR Apps For iPhone 12?

To sync or use the VR headsets with your iPhone 12 or pro max, you might not need any specific app. However, it could also depend on the VR headsets that you opt for. Most of the VR headsets on the list are ready to go with easy plug and play.
Similarly, the app, game, or website you plan to use a VR headset should have VR-support. Most of the latest apps come with VR support. You can access it separately from the menu, like in YouTube and other streaming apps. 

How To Use a VR Headset on iPhone 12?

 All you need is a supported app with a VR feature to initiate a VR experience for your latest iPhone 12. As mentioned before, most of these headsets are ready to plug and play. Therefore, you won’t have any problem with the use.
However, some may require you to install an app for customization to have a better experience. There are VR headsets that require separate AUX addition for sound and other support. Other than that, you can read the individual user manuals. There isn’t any special or additional modification you would have to make with iPhone 12. 

Is VR Experience Different in iPhone 12, 12 pro, and Pro Max?

It depends on the quality of your VR headsets. If you use full-fledged VR headsets, you will have a considerable difference from something like a cardboard VR headset. If you mean comparing experience between the models, then there isn’t any difference virtually.
Each iPhone 12 model brings you a brilliant display and full-fledged compatibility with the VR feature. There isn’t any difference between the models regarding experience. In short, you will have a well-versed and immersive VR experience without any problem. 

Can These VR Headsets Support Other iPhones?

These headsets may support other models of the iPhone as well. All you need to check for is the size support at best. A VR headset should fit adequately with your iPhone device. Apart from that, make sure that appropriate connectivity options are available in the VR headset and your iPhone device.
Most of these VR headsets will support other iPhone models. As long as your iPhone meets the size requirement, you can plug and play these with any model. Alternatively, you can use these with android smartphones, as well. Ergo, you have a versatile choice with these VR headsets on the list. 

How Long Can You Use VR Headset For iPhone 12 Pro Max?

You can use VR headsets for as long as you like. However, it would be best if you employed proper measures while using them. Take breaks otherwise, you will end up with eye soreness or even have trouble focusing. 
VR can be an immersive experience that could make it hard to focus again on the real world. A VR session should last for 5-10 minutes to an hour or two at best. If you take proper breaks, it will be good. However, if you’re new to VR headsets, you should take frequent breaks. The nauseous sensation is common for first-time users.

Is the iPhone 12 pro good for VR?

Yes, iPhone 12 Pro is compatible with numerous VR headsets. Some of them are listed above.

What is the best VR headset for the iPhone 12?

Some good quality and inexpensive VR headsets for iPhone 12 are VR headsets of FEEBZ, Voxkin, DESTEK, Newnaivete, and many more.


These are the best VR headsets for iPhone 12 that are compatible with other iPhones, as well. It all comes down to whether you have the size support or not. Easy to use, you can plug and play these with your iPhone, especially the latest iPhone 12 models. 

Enhance the experience of your virtual reality with these brilliant masterpieces. Most of these were added by keeping an individual requirement under consideration. Therefore, you have some of the highly-affordable choices to premium-grade models on the list.