Best VR Games in 2023 – Amazing Experience

Introducing you to a whole new world, the VR world, a chance to slip away from the daily humdrum of life and enjoy games larger than life. The title that we have included within this list does not include the ones we would only try for a single time.

It includes games that we would feel a connection to, ones that we would come back to for more. Therefore, if you’re looking for an amazing VR apps like Tilt Brush or one and done titles such as Batman Arkham VR or mine craft for that matter, you won’t find it here. Instead, you would find it.

List of Best VR Games 2023 : Instructions to Play

1. Beat Sabre

Beat sabre is a dance game that includes movement aligning to music and rhythm. Two lightsabers keep on slashing to endless music. This game is so well done, you need to avoid bombs, slash blocks while ducking obstacles. All of a sudden you realize you might be in the middle of a workout regime. A great dance game for VR experience.

2. Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-Ability

  • PSVR/ Oculus/ HTC Vive

This is one of the funniest/weirdest games out there; it has been available for users for quite some time now. This Rick and Morty on your VR have all the feels from the job simulator. Apart from the simulator feel, it also has tons of transformations with its environment. The feel provided is of an episode coming to life.

3. Cloudlands: VR Minigolf

  • Google daydream/ Oculus Rift, Go/ HTC Vive

This is perhaps one of the first games downloaded by first time VR users. This game provides a feel of the heights that VR gameplay can reach. Both the desktop and the mobile version have seemingly endless courses to walk and putt around.

4. Moss

  • PSVR/ Windows MR/ HTC Vive/ Oculus Rift

Moss puts the user in the shoes of a guiding spirit that guides a little protagonist in the shape of a mouse to solve puzzles and thereby save the world. Imagine yourself peeking inside a tiny dollhouse with fairytale ish feel of the magic kingdom coming to life. Is it a bit childish? We leave that decision to you!

5. Wipe-out omega

  • Exclusive to PSVR

Unfortunately yes, you read that right; you would need a PSVR to enjoy Wipe-out Omega. Other than that, you could find it in the PS4 store. The VR mode, however, is a bonus to the extreme racing series filled with high-end graphics and thrilling experience.

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6. Firewall zero hour

  • Exclusive to PSVR

Another PSVR exclusive, Firewall zero hour is designed to solely use the rifle controller and the excellent aim of the PSVR. There is an online mode with stressful arcade based missions that provides an excellent experience. This is the best choice for RV owners who want online VR action games.

7. Catan VR

  • Oculus Rift/ Go

Catan and its settlers would probably be the best board game that ever came into being. The VR adaptation does remarkably well to imbibe the board game feel and during online play, it pops up various avatars. It is recommended for the Oculus Go since its mobile controls make it much easier to play, however, it can also be played on the oculus rift.

8. Tetris effect

  • Exclusive to PSVR

Yes! Tetris and that too in VR, based on the cognitive real-life phenomenon, Tetris is finally available in VR and it is excellent. The music along with the visual effects sync with every move that you make, ensuring that the experience is a live one. Further, there is a hypnotic flow attached to the game that makes you addicted. Tetris effect is a must-try!

9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

  • PSVR/ HTC Vive/ Oculus Rift

Skyrim can be played across many platforms; however, VR is perhaps the most exciting of them all. You can now look around to capture the epic graphical views encased within the game, and to add to that feeling you can now use your hands to cast spells or strike your opponent. The best part is you can be seated while playing this game.

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10. Werewolves within

  • PSVR/ HTC Vive/ Oculus Rift

Werewolves within imparts a simple yet subtle experience of VR gaming. If you were wondering what a Party game might look like wearing a VR headset, Werewolves within provides the answer to that. Gathering knowledge about who to trust and who not to makes for a compelling game, and we wonder why more games like this do not exist.

11. Astro bits Rescue Mission

  • Exclusive to PSVR

Astro bot is one of the best games to ever exist, period! It isn’t just one of the best VR games; Sony has outdone them with this super Mario like game. The virtual world is big and bright, while the animated creatures are super cute and hyper-real. The puzzles along with the level designs to save cute little robot friends is addictive and super fun to play.

12. Fallout 4 VR

  • HTC  Vive

Fallout 4 is one of the few games to release on VR that has full access to its open-world database. This means that you could play this game for weeks without an end. Yes, it is not flawless, it has a buggy overhaul, however, considering the fact that it was not meant for VR in the first place, it is pretty good. The virtual Pip-boy strapped to a user’s wrist and a wasteland filled with post-apocalyptic creatures makes for one of the best games in VR.

13. Thumper

  • PSVR/

    HTC Vive/ Oculus Rift

In Thumper, you are up against the Devil himself, and your steed being a slick silver beetle that travels at the speed of light. The devil twists the fabric of space to stop you and throws in a lot of obstacles to stop you. But you have to dodge them and beat the devil to win!

14. Lone Echo

  • Exclusive to Oculus Rift

Lone Echo is a Rubio simulation game where you fix space stations, it uses VR and synchs it up perfectly with zero-gravity movement. You need to hold onto various floating parts to vote forward. It has a multiplayer mode that is called the Echo Arena, where it is a battle royale kind of setup; only except for guns you have discs.

15. Eve Valkyrie

  • PSVR/ HTC Vive/ Oculus Rift

Eve Valkyrie is an intense space dogfight, without a single string of peace, perhaps the only time when you are not fighting is when you are either dying are being catapulted into space. However, for those of us who wanted to maneuver a fighter spaceship, this is it! You can play six vs. six matches and even a multiplayer mode.

16. The invisible hours

  • PSVR/ HTC Vive/ Oculus Rift/ Windows MR

I can bet you haven’t played any games like the invisible hours, unlike a lot of other games, you don’t decide what happens, and instead, you are just an observer. This is a murder mystery set in the mansion observing six suspects who might have killed Nikola Tesla. You can fast forward time or rewind time from anywhere within the mansion and gather clues to solve the murder.

17. Fruit Ninja VR

  • PSVR/ HTC Vive/ Oculus Rift

Are you being serious right now?  Fruit Ninja is one of the best games on VR?

Yes, sir! Believe me, it is one of the most addictive games to be played in VR, it’s simply brilliant. The motion-controlled Japanese katana slicing through every fruit available one earth makes for a fun and addictive game. It is relaxing while being violent and peaceful at the same time.

18. Space pirate trainer

  • Windows MR/ HTC Vive/ Oculus Rift

This is my suggestion for people who would put on their VR sets for the first time; space trainers should be one of their go-to franchises. You start by holding two laser pistols and you use it to shoot waves of robots that swarm towards you. The pistols can be changed to grenade launchers or shotguns, based on your choice.

19. Pavlov VR

  • Oculus Rift/ HTC Vive

Pavlov VR is a counter strike rip off where you buy new weapons at the beginning of every round. However, you have the added benefit of choosing custom maps and engage in a thrilling 5 v 5 shooting VR experience.

20. Audioshield

  • Windows MR/ Oculus Rift/ HTC Vive

Audioshield has been taken over by beat Sabre; however, it remains a popular choice for a lot of users. You have to push beats of music thrown at you. If you have some thumping beats in your hard drive, we recommend using them when you are playing Audioshield.

21. Resident Evil 7

  • Exclusive to PSVR

Resident Evil is amongst the few of the big-budget games that are available in VR and it does not disappoint at all. Although the graphics are dialed down a peg when the VR is plugged in, the game is still too scary. You would need a strong stomach to get through the scariness and the eerie atmosphere of the game.

22. Battlezone

  • HTC Vive/ PSVR / Oculus Rift

Battlezone is one of the toughest games to play on VR, albeit its immersiveness makes you forget about the hours you spend on it. You need to save up credits to buy powerful weapons as you proceed through the campaign missions. With VR you have the prospect of peripheral vision to pick off-targets.

24. Superhot

  • Windows MR/ Oculus Rift/ HTC Vive

Be it with or without VR, in Superhot, time moves only if you do. This means that there could be literally tens of enemies surrounding you, ready to slice and dice you or shoot your brains out, but you can kill them slowly. You can throw about pots and pans or dodge bullets at the same time. You can choose to shoot enemies or punch their face in.

25. Gorn

  • Oculus Rift/ HTC Vive

Remember Russell Crowe in the movie gladiator in 2000, Gorn is just like that, well the fighting part at least. You are a gladiator put in an arena, and you have to swing your weapons with your own hands to kill enemies (its VR remember). It is a mess, arguably a bloody mess; however, it is fun in more than one way and is recommended for beginners.

26. Robo recall

  • Exclusive to Oculus Rift

This is just like the Matrix, except, it’s filled with robots. You can slow down time, run between a bunch of robots, pick the bullets out of the air and throw it back at the robots. Further, you have two pistols that you can use to kill the robots. Sounds fun! Even more, the developers have allowed modders to access the game and fans have thereby added a lightsaber.

27. Rec room

  • Windows MR/ Oculus Rift/ PSVR/ HTC Vive

It could be termed as the Wii VR sport and many VR users have stated that it is one of the most fun field games to play in VR. The background is of a school gymnasium where you need to divide and conquer. It is fun to play a teleporting paintball game that you can play on a lot of VR headsets.

28. Witchblood

  • Oculus Rift/ Oculus Go/ Samsung VR

Witchblood, unlike other immersive VR games, draws its inspiration from the likes of Prince of Persia and Castlevania. There is a myriad of side-scrolling adventures that need to be finished in the game and it would probably add weeks to your gameplay.

29. Farpoint

  • Exclusive to PSVR

The story goes something like this, two scientists have somehow opened a portal to other galaxies, you align with our friend followed them through that portal. Now, all that you are doing is basting away aliens in outer space and surviving in hostile territory. The aim controller of PSVR is what makes the game fun.

30. Smash hit

  • Oculus Go/ Samsung Gear VR

A lot like fruit ninja, this game is relaxing and cathartic; all you have to do is break things and feel relaxed. You would feel much more engaged since it is VR and you don’t have to do much

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