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Best PSVR Games in 2023

Games can be considered as a source of entertainment and rejuvenate the minds of people after tiring work. However, in the present Global scenario, people have limited time to play physical games due to the dire necessity of progressing in various fields. Even for children, the chase of development has taken away physical gaming activities and has made them technology-oriented. As a result, Virtual Gaming Experiences came into existence and this provides similar gaming experiences to people just like physical games with the help of technology. As a result, it can be commented that Virtual Reality games play a successful role in helping a player enjoy a game by experiencing all minute details as if experiencing it in real life.

Sony introduced Virtual reality games with PlayStation VR. It has proven a steady move in the technology-oriented gaming platform. This keeps the players busy for a long time in their leisure hours. Virtual Reality Gaming experiences also became successful mainly because of its availability to all people as per preference. In this guide, the list of best PSVR games available in the market in 2023 and widely used by the gamers have been mentioned with complete details and specifications.

Best PSVR Games in 2023:

Here is a list of best PSVR games 2023 available on Amazon:

1. The Inpatient

  • It is the most highly impressive VR game.
  • It brings an expression on the face of the character.
  • Various dialogues and pathways help you to search for triggers.
  • Its second half is about wandering in an asylum.
  • Because of this echo-sound, it seems very scary.
  • There is a green light and red light from Until Dawn
  • Gives horror experience with VR


  • Graphics are very good
  • Innovative Voice control immerses the gamer
  • Repeat playthroughs
  • It is scary and cannot be relied upon over jumpscare tropes
  • Sound effects create an oppressive dread
  • Horror and conspiracy storytelling experience
  • Nightmare game
  • Series of events are terrified that deeply involves the gamer for a horror experience


  • Too Expensive
  • Playthroughs are repeated
  • Refining required for movement control

2. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

  • It is a reinvention game of series with different wings, scary houses, and locking mechanisms.
  • Mad monsters gradually grow powerful in the story.
  • It gives a choice to select the items to destroy them.
  • Jump scares are horrible at intervals.


  • It is a signature gameplay with puzzles, realistic feel, exploration for gamers
  • Horror experience
  • Audio- Visual technology creates the realistic scary experience and deeply immerses the player


  • Not meant for children below 18
  • Not appropriate to view at your workplace

3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

  • The Elder Scrolls takes you to the world of dragon closely.
  • Good quality graphics with waterfalls in the dense forest.
  • It was released in 2011, and also an old game played 7 years back.
  • As the game starts, there is an attack of large spiders and soldiers to stop your way.
  • To enhance your level of play there are other options such as swimming, shield grip, bow aiming, and physical sneaking that completely gives an immersion experience.
  • Other mechanisms are also used for moving teleportation as well as locomotion. Style can be adjusted for the smooth movement of the play.
  • There is a VR horse for galloping all around with casting spells and screaming which is so enjoyable and thrilling.


  • A third version of Skyrim
  • AAA PSVR game
  • It is a full length game developed by Bethesda Game studios
  • Epic fantasy Virtual Reality game
  • It brings to a world of ancient dragons, battling and exploring the mountains
  • Official add-ons are Heartfire, Dragonborn, and Dawnguard


  • Children under the age of 18 are not allowed
  • Seems dated
  • Repeated story with various mechanics
  • Expensive to buy

4. PlayStation VR Worlds

  • It is packed with 5 different VR games with various ways to present more fun and make it enjoyable.
  • To start the game Ocean Descent is the best place to enter into the aquatic world of sharks and great depths.
  • The storyline takes you to Deep Ocean for a short time but the other smaller options just complete in 10 minutes.
  • Danger Ball is a 3D Pong that requires many players.
  • Different intersections like crashing the trucks, but with less resolution and visuals.
  • Scavengers Odyssey and The Migraine Generator are the most complicated games out of PlayStation.
  • It may bring motion sickness for average players.
  • London Heist is an interesting game of Playstation like Batman: Arkham VR.


  • Best quality PlayStation Visual Reality game
  • Consists of four games with a thrilling underwater experience
  • Immersion feel in the aquatic world around the sharks’ attack
  • Best graphics and worth of its price
  • Short game length but big experience
  • It is developed by SIE London


  • Leads to dizziness
  • Not appropriate for children under 12 years of age
  • Danger Ball and Scavengers Odyssey are too long to finish.
  • Very Expensive

5. Battlezone

  • Immerse you into the galaxy of Cobra Tank.
  • To protect the planet there are explosions such as drones, tanks, swarms, and turrets.
  • Sound quality is impressive and approachable for players.
  • The hexagon can be played alone with great choices to move forward and destroy your enemy. As soon as you lead the map, a clear route is shown to decide where to go to the next level.
  • The firing generates a powerful sense of feeling. Its sound effects are not impressive to gamers’ minds.


  • Excellent PSVR game that straps into the world of Cobra Tank
  • Explosives landscapes with tanks, drones, and swarms for planet survival
  • Prepares between win and defeat


  • Can’t manage the Single Player campaign
  • Not meant for children below 7 years of age

6. Batman: Arkham VR

  • Batman Arkham VR is a short game for players.
  • This game places you in the bat attire for around 1 hour. In this period, you will get a frightful virtual experience. But if you are already a player of Playstation VR then no matters.
  • It is mystery storytelling with lots of VR surprises as compared to other VR games before.
  • Batman Arkham games are dark and begrimed, nut quite surprising that takes you to the city of Gotham.
  • First, it gives a familiar feel for the city, later on, it turns scary when surrounded by all sides.
  • To play this VR game you have to purchase 2 PlayStation Move Controllers and PlayStation VR. It has an option for choice whether you want to sit or stand. It is recommends standing as you can move easily around 360°. If you are seated then use the controlling buttons to move Batman.
  • It has 3 tools such as The investigation Gun, Grappling Hook, and Grapnel gun. It is used to destroy crimes.
  • There is also a puzzle game inside it, to solve them throughout your investigations. It gives a real virtual horror experience. It is scary that manipulates small items with both hands discovering the detailed mystery and the tricks laid in the play.
  • It makes you feel like 3D movies at an early age.
  • Tell your friends to give try to visualize the perfect VR experience.


  • You can experience City of Gotham in Arkham mystery
  • It is a Batman game and makes you imagine into a Batman’s suit
  • It can be played many times
  • Awesome PSVR game, being a Batman experience with all his looks, attire, cars and even gadgets.
  • Can be played offline as well as online
  • Best batman game and worth of its price


  • Not advisable for 18 years of age
  • Too short game

 Factors while you purchase a Playstation VR:

Every person wants a perfect item with the best features and benefits. You must be aware of the facts while you purchase PSVR and check all the required features compatible with your headset. Here is a list of few factors that help you while you buy:

  • Arrangement of PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro
  1. Firstly, to play PSVR games you must arrange the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro. These are the strong gaming base and compatible with PSVR games.
  2. For tracking the movements you must own a better PSVR camera and for accurate setup.
  3. Other necessary items like HDMI cable, Processing Unit, Power Cable and many more are items are offered along with the PSVR package.
  • Price of PSVR
  1. Price relates to its unique features and exclusive quality. The best PSVR headset can cost you a bit high.

It is not the end!

  1. Now a day’s Playstation is cost-effective and easily fits in your budget.
  • Technology
  1. Compared to the cost, technology is also important for gaming. Because most of the PSVR headsets come with 5.7inches display that does not offer better resolution.
  2. Shop the best product with 120Hz technology for high resolution. It refreshes the players suffering from motion sickness while playing PSVR games.
  • Games
  1. PlayStation always offers a wide variety of new and familiar games and something unique.
  2. Check those PSVR products that support VR games like Until Dawn, Batman Arkham VR, etc. that impress the different players.
  • Dizziness
  1. Many players may experience motion sickness because of their virtual reality movement experience.
  2. New Gamers may find it difficult in the beginning as it takes you to a different world. It happens because of its moving technology only the head moves frequently and the rest of the body does not respond.
  3. It may continue if you play for long durations.

Don’t be Panic!

  1. So if you want to play then there are the best models that will never let you fall with dizziness.
  • Various Models
  1. In the market, there are 2 PSVR models(CUH-ZVR1 & CUH-ZVR2)
  • PSVR bundles
  • Design and graphics
  1. It is to be noted that a cell phone is not a good idea to experience the best quality Virtual Reality games.
  2. It can be played on your desktop that delivers good quality graphics and high resolution.
  • Space required
  1. Another important factor is the space required for moving.
  2. It can be tracked with the help of peripheral cameras and is quite genuine to see how much is the camera covered space.
  • Add-ons
  1. Add-ons are necessary while you buy PSVR.
  2. It should be light and comfortable for use by the players.
  • Docks & Stands
  1. 2 recommendations are given for stands & docks.
  2. These are meant for their style and their functions.
  3. If there is a stand, you can hook or place your PSVR onto it to charge when not in use.


1Q. Is PS VR game is good for gaming?

Ans: PlayStation is the best gaming platform for virtual reality games. To play these games you need to buy a VR headset for better performance.

2Q. Are VR headsets are not good for our sensitive eyes?

Ans: Visual reality games are not ideal for small children, as it may affect their eyes.

3Q. Is Skyrim is best for VR game?

Ans: Yes, it is an immersive PSVR game but there is a lack of techniques to create Visual Reality.

4Q. Can I regular games on Play station VR?

Ans: PSVR offers a smooth gaming experience and quite comfortable. Of course, you can play regular games on PlayStation VR.

5Q. What is a PSVR game?

Ans: Play station is the biggest VR game that offers a virtual reality experience. With twenty years of experience, it reinvented the Virtual Reality games with the latest technology and loaded with best PSVR games.