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Apple VR Headset – Release Date, Price & News

The rumors are flooded on the internet that Apple is venturing into the VR and AR area. The Apple VR headset is one such product, which is believed to be designed and released. If you are curious about when it will be released and additional details about the Apple VR headset, then you landed on the right post.

apple vr headsets

In this post, we have mentioned the features, alleged design, and the product’s release date, along with the price we assume it to be launched at. Let us dive into the features and other details about the Apple VR Headset.

About Apple VR Headset: Brief Information

Apple VR headset is still in its last prototype stage. The Apple headset will have the features of VR and AR. The LiDAR scanning ensures the AR headset feature.

By the first half or maybe even later in 2023

, we will see an Apple Headset, which will be used for gaming, communication, and entertainment. The Apple VR headset will have many features that will enhance the VR experience.

Apple VR Headsets: Features to expect

The Apples’ headsets will be pricey compared to the existing VR headsets. It is said that the apple VR headset will have two 8K displays for higher quality visuals. We also expect it to feature eye-tracking and hand-tracking for an enthralling VR experience.

apple vr headsets

It is said that these headsets will run on the new Apple silicon chips. Apple aims to include technologically advanced chips in its headsets. Let us look at some of these features.

  1. Dual 8K screens: This feature is sure to be in the upcoming Apple VR headsets. It aims to give the user a high-quality visual experience and the best resolution. The dual 8K screens displays are 7680 by 4320 resolution, which is four times the pixels found in the 4K screen. It has several pixels more than any of its competitor’s VR headsets.
  2. Eye-tracking software: The eye-tracking software feature follows the orientation and position where the user has set his eye upon. This feature will provide a complete 8K resolution to only where the user is looking. In comparison, the other part will become a blur and save on processing power. We know this technique by the name of foveated rendering.  Apple has designed and included this smart feature to save battery life.
  3. LiDAR scanning: Light Detection and Ranging is a novel way that devices like VR headsets can detect the world around them. Apple uses this feature on many of its products like iPad Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 12 Pro.

The LiDAR scanning uses the laser to learn the object’s depth and its distance from the device. This feature is undeniably exceptional for VR, as it allows the headsets to map the virtual constructs on the actual objects. The devices can also use it to map the room and learn about the safe spaces around the player.

Apple VR Headset: Design

It was assumed to be a companion device, but now it can be thought of as a standalone headset. The device would have used a hub for its processing power, but now it is alleged that it doesn’t need an external processor. Although there are many assumed prototypes, the device has many years to come.

apple vr headset design

Apple might have borrowed cues from several other Apple devices. The Apple AR headset looks similar to a regular VR google. It is designed to be sleek and with a curved visor. They also allege it to have a mesh and interchangeable headband.

Apple VR Headset: Price to expect

All Apple products have been pricey. Therefore, the Apple AR has many features and might come at a high price. Even though the price isn’t yet confirmed, it is said to be sold at a whopping $3000. It is also said that it might be available at a higher price than the rest of the market headsets. We can expect a higher price range for Apple VR headsets.

Apple Vr Headset: When Is It Releasing?

The Apple VR headset release date is rumored to be in the first half of 2022. It is still in the prototype stage, and nothing has been finalized yet. The headset has faced several challenges in development, and this might cause a brief delay in the release of the Apple VR headset.

All we can do is wait till Apple announces the official release date and other details about Apple VR Headset.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1Q. When is Apple's new VR headset releasing?

Ans: Apple has not confirmed the release date of its VR headset. However, you can expect it to release by 2023 or even later.

2Q. Does Apple provide VR Goggles?

Ans: Most probably, Apple will provide the consumers with AR goggles, which are still in the development stage by the end of 2023 or much later.

3Q. Which is the best VR headset to buy?

Ans: There are a lot of best VR headsets to buy. Here are the names of a few:

  • Oculus Quest 2
  • Oculus Rift S
  • HTC Vive
  • Playstation VR
  • Valve index


We saw the various alleged features and details about the Apple VR headset in the entire post. The Apple VR headset will give a tough competition to its competitors, as it comprises imposing features. The 8K screens will display by far the best resolution in this VR headset.

Although it might be expensive but won’t the VR enthusiast love to transport to other surroundings with enhanced graphics and visuals? Since there has been no confirmation on the VR headset’s release date, let’s hope Apple will release it by the end of 2023.

We hope you loved our post about Apple VR Headset. We have mentioned the most expected features, prices, and other details. Let us know in the comment section below if you hear any new rumors about the features of the design of the Apple VR headset.