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“VR is here now. It’s potential cannot be overstated. This VR Summit showed that NYC is the second major VR hub of the US and rushing forward to realize the multi-billion dollar potential of the burgeoning VR & AR markets for consumers and beyond. The VR Summit energized all attendees with the palpable realization that there are extremely interesting times ahead in VR and AR.”
– Philippe van Nedervelde, CEO, E-SPACES

“The VRSummit in New York was organized by one of the most knowledgable pioneers in VR. From a cultural standpoint. Sandra Kay Helsel, a ethnographer, has been writing about and working in VR for almost 20 years, long before it was cool. The lineup at the conference reflected her thought and insight, bringing together a combination of old time VR creators and new, allowing attendees deep and broad insights. I made important connections while learning relevant, industry information from top experts in the field.”
– Jodi Schiller, Founder/CEO, New Reality Arts

“After more than 20 years working in virtual reality, I have been to over 200 conferences, trade shows, and other meetings. Every time I attend a VR event programmed by Sandra Helsel with Rising Media, I am impressed with the quality and good fit of the speakers. She has deep knowledge of the people who can speak to the core scientific, technical, business, and artistic issues around this new communication medium.”
– Jeffrey Jacobson, Founder & President, EnterpriseVR

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