Zapper Announces $3.75 Million Funding for Mobile AR

Published by , February 27, 2017 12:58 pm

(HololensRealityNews) UK-based Zappar has announced that it’s closed a Series A round of funding with $3.75 million. The funding was r led by Hargreave Hale, You & Mr. Jones, and iDreamSky. This follows Zappar’s Kickstarter campaign that raised $84,356 for their ZapBox mixed reality headset—over in December.
A large focus of the funding will go to expanding the brand as well as increasing development of the ZapWorks platform. They will also expand to grow the software as a service (SaaS) sales team, marketing department, and research and development.ZapWorks, Zappar’s primary product, is a development environment for using 3D models with animation and image tracking tools to create many types of experiences. The output of that development process is designed for augmented, mixed, and virtual reality uses on mobile devices and head-mounted displays.

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