Will Location-Based Virtual Reality Bring Audiences to Movie Theaters & Malls?

Published by , October 29, 2017 6:27 pm

(Forbes)  Location Based Virtual Reality (LBVR) comes in four basic sizes: (1) VRcades that feature Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) from the HTC Vive high-end home system (until recently Oculus did not permit public use of its equipment); (2) Stand-alone casual VR such as VR Coasters with a minimal footprint; (3) VR theaters, which usually feature swivel pods; and (4) free roam, or warehouse scale, VR. The bulk of the activity is in China right now, with the US poised for dramatic growth.
Several companies are working to expand the appeal of traditional movie going with new technology. The highly immersive Barco Escape three-screen system is the most successful of these and boasts of a remarkable 62% boost in box office for Escape showings over other formats. Last year’s Star Trek release used the system to great effect. Fox Theaters recently installed luxury recliner seating, added a full kitchen and bar.

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