What Marketers Need to Understand About AR

Published by , April 24, 2016 9:03 pm

(HarvardBusinessReview) Marketers first have to understand how AR differs from other digital technologies. While it is similar in some aspects (e.g., applications are frequently used on smartphones, the content is composed of text or images, and the apps are usually highly interactive), there is something inherently different about AR: the ability to overlay virtual content on the physical world and have the two interact in real time.
In order for the potential of AR to be realized, companies have to resist the urge to hastily create gimmicky AR apps and instead focus on better understanding how consumers will interact with the technology. Designing and implementing valuable AR apps requires the following: a better idea of how consumers would use such technology; more collaboration among computer scientists, designers, and marketers; and a strategy for integrating the applications into the existing consumer journey. Click here to preview Ana Javornik’s 4/2016 research study analyzing best practices for AR in Marketing.


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