WebVR Offers a Broad, Versatile and Far-Reaching Impact

Published by , March 20, 2017 10:48 am

(VentureBeat) Giants such as Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and Oculus have announced the powering up their browsers with WebVR over the past several months. WebVR has the inherent potential to grow like wildfire because it is frictionless by design. No downloads. No installs. No locks or keys. No queuing in front of some arbitrary bouncer.
“We are now capable of creating VR content that is available on the most widespread medium in existence by simply sharing a URL,” Diego Gonzalez, Developer Advocate for Samsung Internet says.
WebVR isn’t going to immediately offer the kind of high-fidelity experiences that the industry has been hyping up as a lure to ignite consumer adoption. And it’s not yet capable of servicing the high-octane gaming and entertainment experiences. WebVR does, however, promise a broad, versatile, and far reaching impact on various industries already firmly rooted in the web. Think about any web-based industry and you can easily imagine a WebVR extension to enhance the value-add and bottom line.

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