WebVR API to Become WebXR API

Published by , February 5, 2018 3:05 pm

(VentureBeat)  The WebVR API will shift gears and become the WebXR API in the next few months, a combined framework that welcomes WebAR into the family, and thereby allows developers to create immersive content that runs on all VR and AR devices. While the rest of the industry continually falls prey to fragmentation, this web-based standard offers us an alternative vision that unifies the entire spectrum of immersive computing.
“AR and VR share many technologies, from spatial trackers to head-worn displays to interaction devices; from a purely technical standpoint, combining device support into one API will hopefully simplify both the implementation and the use of the API.” Blair MacIntyre, the principle research scientist in the emerging technologies group at Mozilla, says. “The bigger significance is that by making one API, it is easier for developers to target the spectrum of ways their content can be experienced by users.

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