VR Will Change the Way We Learn, Play, Chat and Watch

Published by , February 28, 2016 7:15 pm

(FinancialTimes) Now that VR is entering the mass market, the focus is on what we will do with it. A series of lengthy conversations with professionals across the globe who are building, investing and studying in Virtual Reality provide their best guesses for how VR will change the way we learn, play, chat and watch. A few examples of the interviewees and comments are:
1) Learning: Jen Holland, Google Education said, “While nothing replaces hopping on a school bus and visiting different places, what we are really excited about is bringing the outside world into the four walls of the classroom.
2) Play: Mark Zuckerberg “The craziest Oculus experience I’ve had recently is playing ping pong in virtual reality. You feel like you’re right there with your friend.”