VR ‘Toons” Steal Spotlight at SIGGRAPH 2017

Published by , August 7, 2017 11:37 am

(AnimationMagazine)  SIGGRAPH’s 2007 Virtual Reality Theater, which was booked solid each day and had eager fans lining up early in the morning to score tickets, proved to be one of the highlights of the popular event. Among the cutting-edge projects selected for this program were Eugene Chung’s Arden’s Wake (Penrose Studios), Tyler Hurd’s Chocolate (Gentle Manhands), Saschka Unseld’s Dear Angelica (Oculus Story Studio), Eric Darnell’s Rainbow Crow (Baobab Studios), Jorge Gutierrez’s Son of Jaguar (Google ATAP), Scot Stafford and Chromosphere’s Sonaria (Google ATAP), and Dan Efergan’s We Wait (Aardman Animations).
Four of the program’s talented directors discussed the challenges and rewards of creating animated content in the brave, new world of VR animation. “Working in this new format is all about speaking a new language, which we’re making up as we go along,” said Chung, director and founder of Penrose Studio. “It’s as if you’re trying to speak Swahili, but you only know how to speak French. Of course, it’s even harder, because Swahili exists, but we’re just inventing this new [VR] language.”

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