VR Revolutionizing Roller Coaster Experiences

Published by , June 13, 2016 12:48 am

(WashingtonPost)  VR roller coasters are taking the actual old-school summer tradition and adding on a VR headset with cutting-edge technology. By immersing riders in a new world, the VR headset removes the real-life visual experience of riding a coaster. Instead, rider enters a different fantasy world and experiences the simulated scenarios.  Feedback has been enthusiastic, “We’ve been coming here since we were little, and all the rides are the same,” one rider commented, “So now that they’ve improved and put something different, it’s exciting, because we’re going to go again.”
The New Revolution riders at Six Flags enter a VR world in which the rider seems to be flying a jet fighter, defending the planet from aliens. Ride of Steel at Six Flags America puts riders on a sky tour of Metropolis when Lex Luthor shoots at the rider and the rest of the city with an anti-gravity gun — while the rider is making the first ascent up the track in real life. Suddenly, Superman appears and destroys the gun.

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