VR in China Facing ‘Chicken & Egg’ Dilemma Over HMDs and Content

Published by , June 25, 2018 2:27 pm

(SouthChinaMorningPost)  VR gaming is being checked in China as studios wait for cheaper headsets and device makers eye content candy. The number of deals in China’s VR industry in 2016 jumped nearly threefold to 178 from 60 in the previous year, with more than 4.98 billion yuan (US$767 million) raised, according to a 2017 report by a VR committee under the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The number of deals dropped to 71 in 2017 though.
To justify VR content production costs, game developers are reliant on the wider adoption of headsets. On the other hand, VR device makers see the lack of compelling content as a barrier to headset sales taking off. In other words, the world of VR is stuck in a classic “chicken and the egg” dilemma – what comes first?

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