VR & AR May Revolutionize Medical Imaging

Published by , December 11, 2017 1:54 pm

(HealthImaging)  AR and VR technologies are growing in popularity in interventional radiology and health imaging. Eliot Siegel, MD, professor and vice chair of information systems at the University of Maryland, believes the potential to view MRI and CT images in real time through VR and AR could be revolutionary for diagnostic practice and interventional radiology.
Siegel believes VR and AR can supplement traditional displays and create virtual multi-monitor workstations, novel 3D visualization and surgical planning. Still, AR has more real-time applications that can be more beneficial for clinicians “AR technology can help you [simulate] before surgery or fuse previously taken images with patient images to save time, reduce x-ray dosage and ultimately reduce the number of surgical complications,” Siegel says.

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