VR App Studio VRB Acquired by Samsung

Published by , June 19, 2017 1:19 pm

(TechCrunch)  Samsung has bought a New York-based startup called VRB, which has developed several apps to capture and view 360-degree content. Sources tell us that it paid $5.5 million in the deal. VRB’s co-founders, Chrisopher Paretti, confirmed to TechCrunch, “VRB was acquired by Samsung, but the deal amount will remain undisclosed,” he wrote.
VRB had a somewhat low profile in the startup world prior to its acquisition. VRB itself appears to have worked on a mixture of services in the general area of VR. It described itself as a “social VR platform centered around user expression and novel methods of communication”, and it filled that out with both B2C and B2B products

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