VR and AR Healthcare Market Could Be $5B Globally by 2025

Published by , November 19, 2018 2:53 pm

(ZDNet) Healthcare organisations could be spending as much as $5bn globally on AR and VR by 2025 according to one prediction, with potential applications ranging from surgical simulation and diagnostic imaging to patient care and rehabilitation. It’s worth remembering that even outside of the healthcare space VR and AR are at an early stage; the hardware is still cumbersome, the applications still evolving, and the pricing is still high. As the general market evolves, ways to apply the technology to healthcare may become clearer.
Early experiments are showing that patients too could be seeing more virtual reality headsets in their future. Companies like Oxford VR have been trialling the use of VR technology to help mental health patients. The University of Oxford spinout has been using simulated environments and a virtual coach to help people tackle their fear of heights.