VR and AR Advertisers Will Move to Brand Storytelling

Published by , November 7, 2016 9:39 am

(Skyword)  VR and AR are exciting for advertisers because the inherently immersive nature of the media may force the industry to move away from intrusion, and instead move toward brand storytelling. Part of the struggle for brands looking at VR technology has been the rapid pace at which the tools and terminology around the tech have developed. Until recently, the only big names in the VR space were Oculus and Vive.
AR and VR tech are poised to be in homes and businesses far sooner than one might expect. Lightweight AR and VR experiences give brands some easy ways to break into the field now if they so desire. But recently, the largest names in tech have announced various bids into the VR space; from Google ‘s Cardboard product to full headsets, to Sony releasing headgear that works with its PS4 system, the field is becoming wider and more accessible each day. The question for advertisers is what can your brand do today to orient itself more readily toward immersion and story, rather than interruption and attention seeking?

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