VR Analyzes the VR and AR Market for the Entertainment Biz

Published by , October 10, 2016 2:28 am

(Recode) Sunny Dhillon, an investor who is early-stage VC with Signia Venture Partners, has reviewed AR and VR applications for the entertainment biz. He commented, “I couldn’t be more bullish on VR and AR as a fanboy, consumer and investor.”
The limited audience for cinematic VR prohibits near-term investment from our fund. Cinematic VR production companies aren’t the same as YouTube MCNs, both require an audience of sufficient size for venture investments to work. And even then, it’s the platforms for talent management, cross-promotion, product placement, etc., that are preferable to straight-up content investments themselves. In either case, it’s the limited audience for cinematic VR that prohibits near-term investment from our fund. Shillon also discussed sports VR and commented, “For potential venture investment, we would definitely look for startup CEOs who had deep entertainment industry experience in developing content for new platforms and who built successful businesses on those platforms.” Dhillon also reviews Gaming and AR.

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