Virtuali-Tee Shirt Allows Users to Peer Inside the Wear’s Anatomy

Published by , March 20, 2016 11:31 pm

(LiveScience)  Virtuali-Tee is a virtual reality T-shirt that allows users to feel like they are peering inside the shirt-wearer’s anatomy using a mobile device or VR headset works in concert with a mobile phone, tablet device or VR headset. The project, now on Kickstarter, is the brainchild of London-based virtual-reality (VR) and augmented-reality (AR) company Curiscope.
Virtuali-Tee is covered with quick response (QR) codes, a kind of square bar code often used in ads and signage. When smartphones and other Internet-connected devices scan these QR codes, a free app from Curiscope uses the codes to overlay animated images of human anatomy over the T-shirt. People can use the app to look at someone else with the Virtuali-Tee, or use a mirror or a mobile device’s selfie mode to look at themselves wearing the T-shirt.

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