Veteran Industry Analysts Comment on Magic Leap One, Creator Edition Headset

Published by , August 13, 2018 1:30 pm

(CNNMoney) Industry analysts weighed in on the release of Magic Leap One, Creator Edition headset last week. The company had a $6 billion valuation, near mythical expectations, and, for the longest time, nothing to ship. “It feels like a pressure valve has been opened,” said Stephanie Llamas, vice president of strategy at Super Data Research. “There are certainly concerns that the company is over-valued, but part of that sentiment comes from a resentment over their secrecy and early (misleading) marketing.”
The Magic Leap One’s specs are similar to those of Hololens, the augmented reality glasses Microsoft unveiled in 2015, says Brian Blau, a VR and AR analyst at Garnter. That leads him to believe it remains far less than what Magic Leap has been promising. Still, he thinks the company can succeed, especially as the price comes down. Although $2,295 seems like a lot, it’s comparable to what Microsoft charged for early HoloLens developer hardware. As for the Magic Leap hardware, Blau expects that to improve too. The Creator Edition is but the first step toward Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz’s vision.

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