Unity Positioned to Become Tech Giant

Published by , May 29, 2017 1:14 pm

(TechCrunch) Many insiders in the tech industry believe Unity Technologies is poised for greatness. Last week, the company announced that it has closed a massive $400 million investment from Silver Lake Partners that, according to a report in the WSJ, valued the company at $2.8 billion. This raise comes hot on the heels of a $181 million investment just 10 months prior. “Unity could be one of the most important technology companies in the next decade,” said Barry Schuler, a partner at DFJ Growth, which led Unity’s last round.
Game engines may have initially been built for video game titles, but the needs of several other major industries are beginning to line up and shape the ambitions of the companies like Unity that create them. Unity CEO John Riccitiello explained, “We call it a game engine, but really it’s an animation/interactive/lighting/physics/presence engine.”

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