UK Researchers Design VR Program to Teach Chemistry in 3D

Published by , July 9, 2018 2:52 pm

( A team of researchers across the U.K. has developed a framework for using virtual reality (VR) systems to teach chemistry. Results are on open access Science Advances.
With the new system, users are able to achieve co-location, which is a phenomenon in which interactions in an actual 3D physical space align with interactions in a simulated 3D environment. Their system is cloud-based, which means the data used in the simulations can be constantly updated and improved, even as the system is being used. The researchers asked 32 volunteers to carry out three different tasks: manipulating a methane molecule through a carbon nanotube, manipulating an organic helicene molecule to change its rotation, and finally, to tie a knot in a polypeptide. They report that most of the volunteers, none of whom had ever used a VR system before, were able to use the system to some degree.