The New Reality of Mobile AR and CV/ML Investments

Published by , December 25, 2017 1:49 pm

(TechCrunch) Mobile AR and CV/ML are the new hot investment arenas–as VR has cooled. The $2.5 billion invested in AR/VR so far this year ($1 billion in October and November alone) was balanced across AR and VR, but now mobile AR and CV/ML are the new hotness (as VR has cooled). Google (ARCore) and Facebook (Camera Effects) and computer vision/machine learning (CV/ML) are focusing the minds and wallets of VCs in Silicon Valley, China and beyond.
VCs comment: Felicis Ventures Founder/Managing Director Aydin Senkut invests in both reinvention of existing industries and frontier tech opening new markets, and sees opportunities in mobile AR and CV/ML quite differently. “Mobile AR for us is a consumer opportunity, but one where there needs to be breakout hits to popularize the potential of ARKit and ARCore.” GGV Capital China Partner Jenny Lee thinks in terms of horizontal platforms (e.g. search, messaging, e-commerce), and the verticals that leverage them (e.g. travel, HR, games).

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