Taiwan’s Yungching Realty Group Announces Partnership with iStaging for Mixed Reality Property Showings

Published by , May 29, 2017 1:13 pm

(DigitalJournal) Yungching Realty Group announced a new partnership with iStaging to be what it believes is the first real estate agency in the world to use MR (mixed reality) technology. According to Dr. Lu from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology’s Department of Information Management, the combination of MR technology and lifestyle innovations is redefining the real estate industry.
Sun-Ching Yu, President of Yungching Realty Group, said: “With mixed reality, the whole world around you becomes your viewing screen, enriched with information. It’s an entirely new level of immersive experience. You might be sitting on your couch at home or taking a walk down a street, and now you can easily access a wealth of information. People don’t just buy a house, but also the whole ambience around it as well as the nearby lifestyle facilities. Convenience, prospects for future development, and the value of the property are crucial factors when it comes to the final decision.”

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