Swedish McDonald’s Turning Happy Meals Boxes into VR Headsets

Published by , March 13, 2016 6:15 pm

(Wired) McDonald’s in Sweden began selling Happy Meals in boxes that transform into VR headsets. The program is called Happy Goggles, and it will make a limited run of 3,500 headsets available at 14 McDonald’s restaurants across northern Sweden.
Designers at DDB crafted the folds and perforations to turn Happy Meal boxes into Happy Goggles. The devices don’t follow Google’s Cardboard template step-by-step; McDonald’s had to design their goggles around pre-existing packaging infrastructure. Customers who buy one can access a link on their smartphone to retrieve the inaugural Happy Goggles VR game, a low fidelity animated skiing-racing game called “Se upp i backen,” or, in English, “watch out on the slopes.”

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