STRIVR’s VR Training System Makes Athletes Better

Published by , September 5, 2016 10:28 am

(RoadToVR)  STRIVR’s in-house VR and psychology experts have a combined 25 years of experience in the field. The Strivr team spent two years designing, developing, and perfecting a way to film football practice in 360-degree, immersive video, then allowing players to ‘re-live’ that practice film from inside a virtual reality headset. No longer did players have to translate birds-eye-view film to a first-person view—they were able to study from the same vantage point from which they played.
STRIVR’s team has extensive experience in sports at all levels. They employ former Super Bowl Champions and NCAA D1 All-Americans, and advisers include a Head Coach and NFL team President. With this experience comes a deep understanding of how athletes train and how they get better. Strivr combines a team of athletes and coaches using science and technology to help each other improve.

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