Stereolabs Announces Positional Tracking on Mobile VR

Published by , June 27, 2016 5:36 am

(IBT)  Stereolabs, a Francisco-based startup is looking to revolutionize virtual reality by offering positional tracking on mobile VR headsets for the first time and without the need for any external sensors. Stereolabs CEO Cecile Schmollgruber says its announcement is “very important” for the industry because “until today mobile VR was a seated experience, where you sit, have a headset and look around you, and that’s it. You cannot choose where you want to be in the virtual world.”
Now, mobile VR users could be able to experience what has been available only to those buying the high-end headsets from Oculus and HTC to date. “When you plug [the ZED camera] into a headset, you can suddenly get up and move and decide where you want to be in this world and what you want to look at, and you can go closer to objects,” said Schmollgruber.

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