‘Spatial Reality’ Exhibit in Pasadena Positions VR & AR Art with Same Reverence as Fine Art

Published by , October 15, 2018 1:44 pm

(PasadenaNow) “Spacial Reality” is a new art exhibition in Pasadena that explores the burgeoning technologies of virtual and augmented reality as media for creativity and expression. Visitors won’t just look at the art, they will experience it and engage with it, organizers said.
The exhibit has two primary goals. One was to position VR and AR art as the same caliber as any other type of fine art, and give it the same type of reverence and the same type of gallery exhibition as you give any type of fine art. The second was to democratize who could see it, because right now, one of the barriers to VR and AR art is it’s expensive. The exhibit runs through October 28