Sony’s London Studio Director of VR Product Discusses Upgrades for ‘Blood & Truth’

Published by , July 16, 2018 2:40 pm

(VentureBeat) Sony’s London Studio is expected to release Blood & Truth this year, but the final release date remains unconfirmed. The game will be exclusive to PlayStation VR without TV support, as the team says that it’s “fully taking advantage of the medium” and play in VR is “much better” than on a TV.
Stuart Whyte, the director of VR product development for Sony’s London Studio, was recently interviewed by Venture Beat to learn about the conceptual and technical upgrades that went into Blood & Truth. Whyte said VR is still a hugely rapidly changing environment from a design perspective. Developers are all learning from each other – what works well and what works less well. Various teams are helping push the boundaries of what is possible in VR, and increasing the sense of presence and immersiveness. Whyte commented “In VR you don’t have a‘window’ – you can look everywhere around you – it’s like you are there. Characters who are standing in front of you are literally standing in front of you like they would in real life. Action, when it kicks off, is that much more visceral as it’s all around you.”

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