Social Will Bring VR into Mainstream

Published by , December 4, 2017 1:28 pm

(VentureBeat) Tech experts and VR aficionados alike know that a big crucial component of the big picture is social VR. For those unfamiliar with the fairly new term, it generally means multiple VR users share the same virtual experience regardless of their physical location. Human interaction has been a powerful force in many of today’s game-changing technological advancements, especially, as its name suggests, social media.
One of the most pivotal applications in the growth of social VR is the introduction of platforms in which users can virtually engage with one another, similar to traditional social media outlets. This includes AltspaceVR, Facebook’s “Spaces,” Linden Lab’s Sansar (creators of Second Life) and TheWaveVR where interactive content and live moments are shared as well as game-play with personalized avatars.

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