Seoul Virtual Reality Summit’s 2017 Keyote Greenlight Insights Says 2/3 of US Consumers Interested in Social VR

Published by , May 22, 2017 12:17 pm

(GreenlightInsights)  Greenlight Insights’ CEO Clifton Dawson will keynote at the upcoming Virtual Reality Summit in Seoul Korea June 28-30.  Greenlight Insights’ latest consumer research reveals social interaction, including video, avatar, and voice communications, among the top virtual reality use cases currently capturing consumer interest. The 2017 Consumer Report released today offers detailed findings from Greenlight Insights’ recent survey of 2,000 mainstream U.S. consumers on topics relating to experiences, attitudes and purchase intentions for VR hardware and content.
Among the survey’s findings that indicate social VR’s consumer appeal are:
–67 percent of all respondents expressed interest in social VR experiences
–75 percent of respondents anticipated using VR experiences that allow for social interactions one or more times per week.
Among survey respondents who have used virtual reality, 78 percent said they were very interested in experiences that let them interact with someone else within a virtual reality environment.
“Evidence of social’s potential impact on consumer VR adoption can be seen in collaborations between major social networks and VR developers,” said Clifton Dawson, CEO of Greenlight Insights. “Social networks like Facebook and WeChat offer the large consumer base VR players are looking to attract. The industry is at the very beginning stages of understanding which types of social experiences will win with consumers, but our data shows that social will become a basis for competition for anyone creating consumer VR experiences.”
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