Review of VR & AR Art in Museums in San Francisco & Chicago

Published by , July 30, 2018 2:35 pm

(GeekWire) San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is hosting a participatory gallery with the partnership of well-known design firm Frog (it helped shape the Apple IIc and several early Macintosh models) for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s wide-ranging retrospective of the surrealist Rene Magritte. SFMOMA and Frog’s approach was to create a new kind of separate, physical gallery with elements of both AR and social VR. Think of it as augmented virtual reality. The Magritte Interpretive Gallery features six “windows,” each adapted from actual Magritte paintings, and incorporating depth-sensing cameras and motion-tracking technology.
The special exhibition galleries for Seattle Art Museum’s “Double Exposure,” encourages visitors to log onto the museum’s free WiFi to download the Layar app and browse 150 images by historic photographer Edward S. Curtis, as well as more contemporary work about Native America from three other artists. By launching the app to view a photograph, Layer recognized the image and immediately began to play related content. For the historic Curtis images, these were video commentaries. But for Will Wilson’s contemporary tintypes, Layar animated the photographic portraits. Wilson’s subjects suddenly start to talk, sing, dance, or play music.

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