Researchers Exploring Virtual Reality’s Effect on Children’s Health

Published by , February 19, 2018 2:39 pm

(EdSurge)  A recent study was done by Children and Virtual Reality, a collaboration between researchers, VR companies, universities and health organizations, found that using VR tools could have significant health impacts on children. “We wanted to make whatever experiences we create for children are as healthy and as right for their age as possible,” says Dr. Dylan Yamada-Rice, a senior research manager at Dubit, a consulting firm for children’s media and one of the groups involved in the study.
Dr. Yamada-Rice says there are health and safety concerns that manufacturers can fix. For starters, they can design features that lock children out of the VR experience after 15 minutes, so they take a break. She is optimistic that these lessons can help VR developers create content more suitable for children.

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