Red Bull Bringing New AR Experience of Extreme Mountain Biking Course in Utah

Published by , October 29, 2018 1:37 pm

(SportTechie) Red Bull is using a new AR experience on smartphones to bring an extreme mountain biking course in Utah to viewers’ living rooms. When riders first launch themselves down the Red Bull Rampage course, fans will be able to explore a 3D model of the mountain that is both accurate to scale and photo realistic. They’ll be able to zoom in and move the course around with a touch of their fingertips.
The experience was born out a culmination of efforts from Intel and Red Bull. To get the footage, an drone was programmed to follow specific flight paths and altitudes over the venue, taking more than 1,200 high resolution aerial photos. That image data set was then processed in the Intel Insight Platform to create a comprehensive 3D visualization of the mountain.

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