Raytheon Embracing CAVE Technology for Collaborative, Real-Time Development

Published by , March 20, 2017 10:48 am

(Tucson.Com) Raytheon Missile System in Tucson is is using the room-sized, interactive 3D theater known by the trade name CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment, or generically a “computer assisted virtual environment” to design future weapon systems and the company’s next construction projects. Using the CAVE, teams of Raytheon engineers and other workers can collaborate on design and development using three-dimensional, stereoscopic “immersive visualization.”
The CAVE has become a major tool for collaborative, real-time product and facility development, said Kendall Loomis, manager of Raytheon Immersive Design Center. With computer-aided design plans loaded into CAVE, participants can virtually navigate through a product like a missile, or “walk” through a virtual factory floor, Loomis said. “We’re actually going to fly into a missile — this is the core of what we do here.”

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