Qualcomm’s Virtual Reality Game

Published by , April 4, 2016 4:54 am

(Fool/com/investing) VR will generate $30 billion in annual revenues according to pundits. Qualcomm is taking steps to ensure it gets its fair share of the VR revenue pie. To unleash “the full potential of Snapdragon 820 [processor]”, Qualcomm has made its VR-ready chip available to developers via a newly released software development kit (SDK). The Snapdragon 820 already boasts several enhancements to make the VR experience more enjoyable, and minimizes some of the downsides, including “latency.”
The opportunity VR represents for Qualcomm is significant, to say the least, and even more importantly, could very well prove to be a means of reducing its reliance on the  mobile phone market. Of course, with so much potential revenue at stake, Qualcomm isn’t the only chip manufacturer that has entered the fray.

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