Pokémon Go Inspiring Small Retailers

Published by , July 18, 2016 2:37 am

(AdWeek) Pokémon Go is boosting local businesses in the American heartland. Inc. reported that store owners can buy a Pokémon Go feature called Lures for as little as $1.19 an hour to drive foot traffic.
John Merritt, manager of CitySen Lounge, an eatery and bar in the CityFlats Hotel in Grand Rapids didn’t buy a Lure but put a sign outside. That sign has already driven considerable patronage to the lounge. InconoCLAD, a Salt Lake City clothing store, is employing a similar sidewalk sign. “I’m not sure if it’s responsible for a huge uptick of customers, but people playing the game are coming in and hanging out,” said Markelle Mordue, a manager at the shop.

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