Pitchbook Newsletter Includes List of 8 Most Active VCS in VR Industry Since 2012

Published by , February 12, 2018 3:18 pm

(Pitchbook) Pitchbooks’s February 2 “The Daily Pitch” newsletter includes totals on the top VC firms that have funded VR.
Pitchbook analysts report that over the last six years, 645 VC investors around the world have taken part in at least one of 453 deals in the VR space over the past six years. Here are the eight most active VCs in the industry since the beginning of 2012, including investment count (and excluding accelerator rounds):
1. Presence Capital (28)
2. Rothenberg Ventures (25)
3. The Venture Reality Fund (21)
T-4. Qualcomm Ventures (17)
T-4. Intel Capital (17)
6. Colopl (14)
T-7. Lux Capital (13)
T-7. Andreessen Horowitz (13)