Pioneering Real Estate Companies Adopting AR and VR as Serious Tools

Published by , November 28, 2016 2:33 am

(PropertyReport) Pioneering real estate companies are adopting AR and VR technologies and offering customers futuristic home viewings. VR and AR are becoming serious tools that are influencing the way properties are conceptualized, built, maintained and decorated. Over the next few years, VR viewings will eliminate the need for investors to personally visit a property they intend to buy. They can look around an apartment in London or New York from the comfort of their living room in Singapore or Bangkok.
Malcolm Fitzgerald, chief product and technology officer at PropertyGuru Group, one of Asia’s most prominent online property media companies turned tech industry leader, says, “In the future, the real estate tech world will use a mixed reality of both VR and AR. What we’re looking to do is to push that boundary into VR so customers can not just view their property, but virtually redesign it in one seamless experience,” he says.

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