Osmo’s AR Games Reach One Million iPads

Published by , April 23, 2018 2:59 pm

(VentureBeat)  Osmo announced that its AR games have reached a million iPads, which is becoming a primary educational device for young kids. Osmo started with a mirror that hangs over an iPad camera and points it in front of the iPad. If you throw objects in front of it, the machine vision software will recognize it. This allowed Osmo to create games with physical objects, like Hot Wheels cars or block letters. The result has been a unique set of products that combine digital games and physical toys.
Pramod Sharma, cofounder of Osmo, started the company with Jerome Scholler. As parents, they were worried about how much time kids were spending on screens such as TVs and mobile phones. Their products are aimed at adapting to this modern environment and helping kids learn in a social way with real-world toys. Thousands of schools and educators now use their products. The traction has enabled the company to raise multiple rounds of funding (totaling $38.5 million) and expand to the iPhone.

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