Orangemonkie’s Foldio360 a Smart Turntable to Create Object VR Experiences

Published by , September 18, 2016 9:40 pm

(OrangeMonkie) Orangemonkie, a startup based in the US and Korea has created the Foldio360, a smart turntable which enables users create their own object VR experience. By using the Foldio360 and a smartphone or camera, anyone can create an object VR experience for their own products. Unlike VR, there is no need for special glasses to experience Object VR. The images can be viewed from a normal computer screen or smartphone.
“With the Foldio360, our goal is to change the atmosphere of object photography in the internet.” said SG MOON, the CEO of Orangemonkie Inc. “Anyone can use object VR (360 degree product photography) to show their own products in a fun and convenient way.”

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