Oculus Discusses Move into Location Based Entertainment

Published by , October 8, 2018 1:02 pm

(Variety) Oculus has yet to publicly detail its plans for location-based VR, but it discussed the move into the location-based entertainment space at its recent developer conference. Oculus is exploring expansion into VR centers and arcades in malls and movie theaters, and has plans to strike deals with producers of location-based VR content. Oculus wants to use location-based VR to get more consumers interested in buying VR headsets.
Oculus head of experiences Colum Slevin used his talk at the conference to highlight a number of location-based VR experiences, and the way these experiences could promote headset sales. ““This is something we are working really closely with a number of partners on, how we can tie a location-based experience to an in-home experience.”

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