Nickelodeon Pushing into VR by Way of CG Animation

Published by , May 9, 2016 4:30 am

(Variety) Nickelodeon is pushing into the VR world by way of its gaming business. According to James Stephenson, senior VP of animation and games at the network, they’re in the earliest stages of exploring VR content and tools to learn more about what’s possible for storytellers who want to work in this realm. “For us it was an offshoot of a lot of the technical development we were doing for CG animation,” says Stephenson.
While Stephenson won’t go further into exactly what they’re making, Kim Libreri, chief technology officer for Epic, which makes Unreal Engine, acknowledges that they’ve been collaborating with Nickelodeon to create tools geared for their projects. “They’ve been asking all the right questions and they’re very smart (about) how they’re looking at this process,” says Libreri.

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