Next-Generation VR ‘Retina Displays’ Technology Takes Major Steps Forward

Published by , May 14, 2018 2:27 pm

(VentureBeat)  The “Retina Display” concept is now only weeks away from taking a major step forward — because of screens that are being placed only an inch or two away from your actual retinas. Recent advances in technology are enabling screen makers to promise 1,000ppi and 2,000ppi displays for virtual reality. Sony’s joint venture Japan Display just disclosed that it created both 803ppi and 1001ppi screens for next-generation VR. It said explicitly that 1000ppi or greater screens, aided by new lenses, will be necessary to enable VR headsets to shrink.
It’s safe to assume two major trends for VR over the next couple of years: Some headsets will just boast radically improved levels of detail, while others are going to get much sharper, smaller, and lighter at the same time. It’s fair to assume that companies will start trying to charge more for the smaller headsets, turning comfort into a “premium” feature, though realistically miniaturization rarely comes cheap.

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